Introducing the new SOURCE Orb, the best way to enjoy concentrates.

We set out the goal to deliver the most durable, powerful, and advanced portable vaporizer on the market, and we did.

First, it's revolutionary stainless steel casing and body offer a near indestructible body, allowing greater freedom and piece of mind, a clear upgrade over plastic, glass, and pyrex. The casing also protects the atomizer from any environmental or accidental damage when fully constructed, while to parallel air holes at the base allow unparalleled air flow. 

Then, we reinvented the atomizer, while adding twice the power than anything on the market. We placed a ceramic cup large enough to place up to half a gram of concentrated material, surrounded it by a medical grade stainless steel mesh, followed by the SOURCE Orb's crown jewel: the coils. We we top it off with two beautifully wrapped genuine grade 2 titanium coils to deliver the strongest most flavorful hit possible. 

And finally, we wanted to give people the option to upgrade and change their SOURCE Orb at their leisure, without worry about owning an obsolete product or making costly changes. So we made the atomizers easy and simple to replace, so you can customize and upgrade your SOURCE Orb at your heart's content.

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