Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb 3 vs. PuffCo Pro Pen

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Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb 3 vs. PuffCo Pro Pen

With so many options available, we wanted to help and educate our users how SOURCEvapes offers the best vaporizer pen to Experience True Taste

While countless reviews praising the SOURCE orb 3 have most likely convinced you, today we'll be comparing our SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit, with its Quartz Coils and low temp SOURCE terra ceramic donut atomizer, against the PuffCo Pro vape pen (If you want to see the PuffCo Pro compares versus the SOURCE orb slim, click HERE!).

PuffCo Pro Pen Review Comparison SOURCE orb 3 Vape Pen 

While the price of the PuffCo pen is comparable to the SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit (unlike other vape pens), once you consider that the SOURCE orb 3 has 8 different atomizers available, 200% better airflow, and over twice as many voltage settings, the answer to who is the "Best Vape Pen" gets much simpler. 

Lastly, always consider the cost of your replacement atomizers (PRO TIP: SOURCE vaped stix are the same design starting at only $4.99!) as these costs will add up in the long run. SOURCE orb 3 Atomizer 5-Packs make each atomizer incredibly affordable, starting at only $4.99 each for a Quartz atomizerSOURCEvapes also always provides a Hassle-Free 30-Day Warranty on all of our atomizers (including used atomizers!), while other companies do not. 

So which IS the best vaporizer pen? We'll let these vaporizer pen reviews speak for themselves. 

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