Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb slim vs. G Pen vaporizer pen

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Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb slim vs. G Pen vaporizer pen

We're back with another Vape Pen Review Comparison, and today we'll be comparing the SOURCE orb slim vape pen and the G Pen vape pen. In case you missed our review of the SOURCE orb slim against the PuffCo Pro and Dr Dabber Ghost, make sure you read them before making a decision.

The original G Pen is the most well known vape pen with some of the most well-known marketing; but how does it stand up to the SOURCE orb 3's slimmer brother?

G Pen vape pen versus the SOURCE orb slim vaporizer pen

Price-wise, it holds much better than every other vaporizer we've compared. Only coming in at $59.95, this is a classic example of "more expensive in the long run," because their atomizer replacements come in at almost $20 each! Also, make sure to purchase a new original model, as they've upgraded the Gpen Coil to have a ceramic rod rather than a silica wick, like the Dr. Dabber Ghost. 

Another thing to take note with Gpen Grenco Science products (like the Snoop Dogg G Pen) is that they don't use universal 510 eGo, like with all SOURCEvapes products and with most of the industry (which means you can replace it with SOURCE orb 3 attachment or even a Clearance SOURCE vaped stix at only $4.99). 


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