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Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb slim vs. G Pen vaporizer pen

We're back with another Vape Pen Review Comparison, and today we'll be comparing the SOURCE orb slim vape pen and the G Pen essential oil vape pen. In case you missed our review of the SOURCE orb slim against the PuffCo Pro and Dr Dabber Ghost, make sure you read them before making a decision.

The original G Pen is the most well known vape pen with some of the most well-known marketing; but how does it stand up to the SOURCE orb 3's slimmer brother?

G Pen vape pen versus the SOURCE orb slim vaporizer pen

Price-wise, it holds much better than every other vaporizer we've compared. Only coming in at $59.95, this is a classic example of "more expensive in the long run," because their atomizer replacements come in at almost $20 each! Also, make sure to purchase a new original model, as they've upgraded the Gpen Coil to have a ceramic rod rather than a silica wick, like the Dr. Dabber Ghost. 

Another thing to take note with Gpen Grenco Science products (like the Snoop Dogg G Pen) is that they don't use universal 510 eGo, like with all SOURCEvapes products and with most of the industry (which means you can replace it with SOURCE orb 3 attachment or even a Clearance SOURCE vaped stix at only $4.99). 


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