Let's compare attachments: SOURCE orb 3 vs. Atmos Kiln

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Let's compare attachments: SOURCE orb 3 vs. Atmos Kiln
We've done plenty of vaporizer pen reviews and comparisons. Let's take a look at attachments and which handheld vaporizer attachment best suits you.
Got attachment issues? 
Sourcevapes Orb 3 vs. Atmos Kiln

Attachments: SOURCE orb vs. Atmos Kiln

Let's break it down:

For $40 with the SOURCE orb 3 attachments you get:


  • SOURCE terra
  • Quartz Double Coil
  • Ceramic Double Coil
  • Dry Herb Hitter

For the same $40 at Atmos you only get the Kiln which is basically a SOURCE terra inside of a plastic attachment. Yup, that’s it! 


  • Superb airflow allows for harder hits or longer sessions

The Kiln does not offer air vents.


  • SOURCE orb 3 attachments work with standard batteries and sub-ohm batteries 

The Kiln can only be used with a sub-ohm battery. 


  • You'll #Experience True Compatibility! SOURCE orb is known for it's replaceable parts and more atomizers
  • It's easy and affordable to upgrade your SOURCE orb

The Kiln has NONE. You'll need an entirely new attachment when it dies. 

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