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Comparison Review: SOURCE orb XL Triple Coil Atomizer Vs. Puffco

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Let's take a look at how the SOURCE orb XL atomizers compare to Puffco. 

SOURCE orb XL Triple Coil Titanium Atomizer

  • 1 Gram of Essential Oils! If you've recently vaped your favorite essential oil, but had to refill it too often, then the SOURCE orb XL has you covered. It's the only vape pen to hold up to 1 gram of essential oils! Puffco can handle half that amount!
  • How many coils? The SOURCE orb XL has three grade 1 titanium coils. Puffco has one coil. 
  • What about the price? Puffco's single coil atomizer is $14.99. The Source orb XL triple coil atomizer only costs $13.32 or get a pack of three for $39.95.


 Want to see this titanium coil atomizer vape pen in action? 

You've read the facts, now try it for yourself! Get your Grade 1 Titanium (Gr1) Quartz Triple Coil atomizers today.

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