Atomizer Review Comparison: Kandypens Galaxy VS. SOURCE orb XL

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Atomizer Review Comparison: Kandypens Galaxy VS. SOURCE orb XL

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Hello friends, we're here today to compare which vape pen has the best atomizer.

Let the battle of the atomizers begin: SOURCE orb XL VS. Kandypens Galaxy!

Vape Pen Review - Atomizers - SOURCE orb XL vs. Kandypens

At a glance, both vaporizers have quartz atomizers. But are they both made of Grade 1 Titanium, have triple coils, and can easily fit 1 gram of essential oils?

  • GRADE 1 TITANIUMYES, SOURCE orb XL uses Grade 1 Titanium atomizers - as deemed so in independent tests on its metal. It is UNKNOWN as to the metal content of Kandypens Galaxy atomizers. 
  • TRIPLE COIL: YES, SOURCE orb XL is the only triple coil atomizer! NO, Kandypens Galaxy does not have 3 coils. 
  • CAPACITY in GRAMS: SOURCE orb XL holds 1 gram of your favorite essential oils. Kanypens Galaxy holds 0.5 grams of essential oils. 
  • PRICE CHECK: SOURCE orb XL triple coil grade 1 titanium atomizers costs $13.32 each/ $39.95 for a pack of 3. Kandypens Galaxy quartz atomizers with 1 coil costs $19.95. 

See the components of the SOURCE orb XL - the strongest vape pen ever!

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