Comparing Atomizer Quality: Kandypens Galaxy Tornado

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Comparing Atomizer Quality: Kandypens Galaxy Tornado

After comparing the Kandypens Galaxy against the Most Anticipated Vape Pen of 2016, the SOURCE orb 4, we want to delve in a bit deeper to compare the difference between a copper build and our industry leading Stainless Steel 303 design. 

To compare them, we grabbed a simple sanding pad from the local hardware store, and scrubbed the Galaxy Tornado atomizer. And the results we got amazed even us. 

Kandypens Galaxy Tornado double coil quartz vaporizer atomizer copper worn out build


As you can see, within a minute of hand scrubbing the atomizer, the paint easily came off, and the true metal comes out to shine, showing its copper build. Our testers expected it would take at least a few minutes to appear like it did with the Dr Dabber Aurora, but both the Kandypens Gravity and Galaxy easily scrubbed off. Make sure to also see our test on the coil-less Kandypens Gravity, which showed similar results. 

This test used the more expensive Kandypens Galaxy Tornado atomizer, which includes variable airflow with 1 air vent, and costs an extra $10 over the base model, coming in at whopping $29.95 per atomizer!

Considering it's almost three times the cost of our SOURCE orb 4 Grade 1 Titanium Quartz Double Coil atomizer, with an untested titanium coil, we can safely say there is absolutely no comparison between the atomizer quality. 

SOURCEvapes Grade 1 Titanium USA test

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