Comparing Atomizer Quality: Kandypens Gravity

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Comparing Atomizer Quality: Kandypens Gravity

Back again, we'll be showcasing the difference in a atomizer build quality, between our Stainless Steel 303 construction and the copper build of the Kandypens Gravity coil-less vape pen. We've previously shown the quality of the new Kandypens Galaxy Tornado,which we easily stripped down to its true color. 

Our results with this model?

Kandypens Gravity coil less vaporizer atomizer copper worn out build


Not much different. We expected the more expensive model to even be slightly harder to strip clean, but instead the paint scrubbed off quicker and revealing the copper finish took very little time and effort. 

When you compare the price of each atomizer of either these or the Kandypens Gravity and our SOURCE orb 4 atomizers, you won't even understand why you anyone buys them! The quality is incredible, both inside the atomizer, and outside.