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Vape Pen Review Comparison: KandyPens Galaxy Signature Series DJ Esco vs. SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit

In this latest vape pen comparison between KandyPens and SOURCEvapes products, we'll be taking a look at the differences between the new KandyPens Galaxy Signature Series DJ Esco 56 Nights Edition and the SOURCE orb4 Premium Kit. The most notable difference is price. The new KandyPens Galaxy Signature Series DJ Esco has a price of $149.95, while the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit has remained at $99.95.


KandyPens DJ Esco Review


It turns out the DJ Esco edition of this vape pen is materially the same as the regular KandyPens Galaxy, which retails for $99.95. So what does the extra $49.95 get you? One more double coil quartz atomizer and the DJ Esco logo. When you factor that a replacement atomizer is $19.95 for the DJ Esco edition, you are paying $20 for the logo.


Now let's get into the technical differences.


Coilless vs. Coiled Atomizers
The SOURCE orb 4 comes with both coiled and coilless atomizer varieties. The KandyPens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition comes with two double coil quartz atomizers. With the SOURCE orb 4 you have three different types of double coil atomizers: quartz, ceramic, and black ceramic. With the Kandypens, you have only quartz double coil.
Coilless atomizers have become more popular among vape enthusiasts. The reasons are they deliver superior flavor, they do not waste material, and they allow users to take low temp hits. The KandyPens Galaxy battery, the same one used in the DJ Esco edition, is not powerful enough for a truly coilless atomizer. It may work with a ceramic donut, but the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit comes with a specially adjusted battery that allows you to hit the coilless titanium atomizer with ease.

Some vapers still prefer coiled atomizers.

Not all coiled atomizers were created equal though. The KandyPens DJ Esco edition comes with "titanium" coiled atomizers. The true titanium content is not listed, and there is no specification as to the grade of titanium used. Since the KandyPens unit does not use a sub-ohm battery, it must be using some type of titanium alloy. We can clearly conclude it is not at least Grade 4 titanium, which is found on low end eRigs, and is of even lower quality.


SOURCE orb 4 coiled atomizers are made with USA-Tested, low iron, medical quality, Grade 1 titanium. You know what you are hitting off of, and its the best titanium available. See the test results below.


SOURCEvapes titanium wire test
The SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen is cross compatible with the SOURCE nail portable eRig, SOURCE orb XL, and SOURCE slim 4. They all can interchange atomizers. Since SOURCE uses internal atomizers, there is no color mis-match among different atomizers.


The KandyPens Galaxy DJ Esco Edition is cross compatible with other KandyPens Galaxy vape pens. The colors will not match if you use the non-DJ Esco Edition replacement. Its atomizers are not compatible with KandyPens portable eRigs.


If you are looking for the best vape pen kit under $100, the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit has you covered!
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