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Portable eNail Review Comparison: SOURCE nail vs Cloud V Electro

With SOURCEvapes recent win at the 2016 High Times Concentrate Cup making the SOURCE nail Portable eNail & Vape Pen the Best Portable eNail at the Cannabis Cup. After our earlier eRig review comparison between SOURCE nail and Dr Dabber Boost, today we're comparing it with the Cloud V Electro

Best Portable eNail Review Comparison SOURCE nail Portable eNail and Vape Pen with Cloud V Electro Portable eNail

Both units include 3 atomizers, Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz, but again, like with other Portable eNails, SOURCEvapes is the ONLY company with USA-tested Grade 2 Titanium in our eRig (see below), as well as full temperature control features with our SOURCE volt 40w TC, with a full range from 200°F to 700°F.

SOURCE nail also doubles as an on the go coil-less essential oils vape pen with its included Glass Globe, as well as full compatability with the Magnetic Lock SOURCE orb 4 and the "Strongest Vape Pen Ever," SOURCE orb XL

With an incredibly fast heat up, much cheaper atomizer replacements, and SOURCEvapes incredible Lifetime Warranty and industry leading SOURCE rewards programSOURCE nail is already clearly the better option when looking for an eRig. 

Don't wait, get the Best eRig  and Experience True Taste. 

SOURCEvapes SOURCE nail Portable eNail Real Grade 2 Titanium USA test

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