Portable eNail Review Comparison: SOURCE nail vs Dr Dabber Boost eRig

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Portable eNail Review Comparison: SOURCE nail vs Dr Dabber Boost eRig

With the release of our revolutionary SOURCE orb 4 line, it's time to help our customers and everyone out there to make the best purchase for an eRig, between SOURCE nail Portable eNail & Vape Pen and the Dr Dabber Boost

Previously, we've compared the SOURCE orb 3 to the Dr Dabber Ghost, and like those, there is no competition between SOURCEvapes and the other guys. Read how the Cloud V Electro did. And make sure to check out our comparison with the Dabado Bolt, which is the same rebranded product as the Dr. Dabber Boost. 

Catch the comparison between the new SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen versus the Dr Dabber Aurora?

Portable eNail Comparison Review SOURCE nail vs Dr Dabber Boost eRig


Both models include 3 atomizer styles, Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz, and have the same glass style included, but that's where the similarities end. SOURCE nail's Titanium atomizer is the only to use USA-tested Grade 2 Titanium (see below), while the competitor's website only states it as "Titanium." Its revolutionary coil-less SOURCE nail atomizers also feature its innovative easy to remove Buckets that make cleaning your atomizer a breeze. 

SOURCE nail is also the only Portable eNail that works with Temperature Control batteries, such as the the included SOURCE volt 40w TC, allowing users a full temperature range between 200°F - 700°F. With an incredibly fast heat up, much cheaper atomizer replacements, and SOURCEvapes incredible Lifetime Warranty and industry leading SOURCE rewards programSOURCE nail is already clearly the better option when looking for an eRig. 

That's before even considering that SOURCE nail ALSO works as a coil-less vape pen with it's included Glass Globe attachment. The included Glass Globe allows you to take your SOURCE nail on the go easily and quickly, so you can Experience True Taste. Afterwards, you can also add either the new SOURCE orb 4, with Magnetic Lock, or the SOURCE orb XL, the only Triple Coil Vape Pen with the largest chamber, because all three products work flawlessly with all 3 coil-less atomizers. 

Don't wait, get the Best eRig at High Times Concentrate Cup 2016 and Experience True Taste. 

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