SOURCE orb 4 vs. KandyPens Elite Vape Pen Comparison

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SOURCE orb 4 vs. KandyPens Elite Vape Pen Comparison

SOURCE orb 4 vs. KandyPens Elite: Which vape pen is better?

SOURCE orb 4 vs. KandyPens Elite

Atomizer Quality

First to note is that the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit includes a superior coilless atomizer. The included SOURCE nail titanium coilless atomizer features a fully removable bucket. It's also made of USA Tested Grade 2 Titanium.

SOURCE orb 4 coiled atomizers are also made of top quality materials. All coiled 4 Series atomizers are made with USA Tested Grade 1 Titanium. This delivers a serious flavor improvement over the KandyPens Galaxy's unkown Titanium alloy.

Attachment Quality

All SOURCE 4 series attachments are made with 303 Stainless Steel. KandyPens gravity is made with copper. The SOURCE orb 4 carries a lifetime warranty on the attachment. KandyPens atomizer is connected to the attachment and is warrantied under their atomizer guidelines.

Cross Compatibility

KandyPens for almost all of its products uses an attachment-atomizer design. SOURCEvapes on its products, including the SOURCE orb 4, has atomizers that are completely interchangeable with other 4 series and SOURCE nail products.

SOURCEvapes atomizers are internal to the attachment. The color of your attachment does not need to match the atomizer. KandyPens has different colored atomizers for each vape. This makes it difficult to get the right color if your local smokeshop does not have it. It also creates more waste as the item that is discarded is much larger.


With the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit for $99.95 you get 6 atomizers, a high quality sub ohm battery, stainless steel attachment, and some credit back in the form of SOURCE rewards. Shipping is free.

The KandyPens Elite is $139.95. You get two atomizers, a standard battery, a copper attachment, and no rewards. Shipping is also $9.95 bringing the true cost to $149.90.

Higher quality and better value are clear on the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit.