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Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb 4 vs. Kandypens Galaxy

After a great comparison between our new Magnetic SOURCE orb 4 and the Dr Dabber Aurora (formerly Dr Dabber Aura), we'll continue with another comparison between the Kandypens Galaxy against the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. 

You might remember we compared a few months ago the same Kandypens model against the SOURCE orb 3, the first wax pen to feature quartz crystal coils, and proved to be absolutely no competition. Let's see how the new SOURCE orb 4 and Best Vape Pen of 2016 compares against the same model.

Kandypens Galaxy Review Vape Pen Comparison SOURCE orb 4 Coil-less Quartz Wax Pen


The Kandypens Galaxy only features one atomizer, a Quartz Double Coil with an unverified titanium coil, compared to a total of 6 atomizers with the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit, which includes 2 coil-less and 3 double coil atomizers. SOURCEvapes coiled atomizers are made with USA-tested Grade 1 Titanium coils, which means all 4 atomizers are fully tested for impurities, unlike the competitors' product. This means that only SOURCE orb 4 will work with real temperature control batteries, like the battery included in the Signature Kit, and the included SOURCE orb 4 battery has 8 different voltage settings, compared to the 3 available with the Galaxy vape pen. 

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit also includes 2 completely new coil-less atomizers: SOURCE nail Grade 2 Titanium and Quartz SOURCE terra 2

SOURCE nail has completely revolutionized essential oil pens by having quick removable buckets for fast cleaning and a full convection heating, while Quartz SOURCE terra 2 features an all-ceramic plate at the bottom of a quartz chamber, improving upon our Quartz SOURCE terra. Only the more expensive Kandypens Gravity includes a coil-less atomizer, comparable to 1 of our 5 coil-less atomizers, the previously mentioned Quartz SOURCE terra 2. They also offer the Kandypens Donuts, which includes 1 atomizers akin to our original SOURCE terra, and compared to our previous SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit, is no competition. 

SOURCE orb 4 is built with a full Stainless Steel 303 body, including its atomizers, compared to the outdated copper build of the Kandypens Galaxy and Kandypens Gravity. You can compare the quality in build when we compare the atomizers from both essential oil pens. Its new 5 setting Variable Airflow System (VAS) gives you airflow control only available previously on SOURCE orb XL, while nonexistent in the competing product. Kandypens does offer a new upgraded atomizer option called the Kandypens Galaxy Tornado, which gives users variable airflow with 1 air vent, which sells for $10 MORE than their stock atomizer, coming in at $29.95 for one atomizer. That's almost three times more than one SOURCE orb 4 atomizer, and you don't need to spend more to get a function that has been part of the SOURCE orb line since the release of the SOURCE orb slim, which costs less than $50. 

Finally, considering exorbitant replacement atomizer prices, quality, and our industry-leading SOURCE rewards Loyalty Program, we think you know why our customers prefer SOURCEvapes to Experience True Taste. 

SOURCEvapes Grade 1 Titanium USA test

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