Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb 4 vs. Kandypens Gravity

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Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb 4 vs. Kandypens Gravity

To round up our comparison of Kandypens's two flagship products, we'll be comparing the Kandypens Gravity versus the entry level SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. If you've read our other Vape Pen Review comparisons, you might have already seen our comparison of the Premium Kit and the Kandypens Galaxy vape pen. If you haven't, don't miss it along with our comparison with the Dr Dabber Auorora. 

The Kandypens Gravity wax pen is the newest model released by Kandypens and first 510 vaporizer to include multiple atomizers, one quartz crystal double coil and one coil-less atomizer. 



The Kandypens model's coil-less atomizer is the same atomizer found in the new PuffCo Plus and our Quartz SOURCE terra 2 atomizer, which features an all-ceramic plate to heat essential oils. With a separate chamber and heating element, our quartz chamber allows essential oils to slide down the sides of the chamber easier, in comparison with the ceramic chamber of the Kandypens Gravity. 

Our new revolutionary SOURCE nail atomizer on the other hand is the only convection wax vaporizer. It heats the cup containing the material with a specially designed heating element, meaning your material never touches the heating element. And of course, like all our SOURCE orb 4 products, our coils use USA-tested and use the purest Titanium on Earth, Grade 1. Kandypens like with their Galaxy vape pen, use an identified titanium coil. 

SOURCE orb 4 has our new industry leading Stainless Steel 303 construction, the best material ever used on vape pens and atomizers, and Kandypens still uses an outdated copper construction. Like the new Kandypens Galaxy Tornado atomizer, we tested the Kandypens Gravity atomizer against a scrub pad, and the results amazed even us!

Needless to say, when you take into consideration the SOURCEvapes Rewards Loyalty Program, the only program that you win points by purchasing your favorite vapes, the replacement costs, and quality, the choice is easy. 

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