Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb 4 vs. PuffCo Plus

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Vape Pen Review Comparison: SOURCE orb 4 vs. PuffCo Plus

Following our Vape Pen Review comparing our SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit and the Dr Dabber Aurora and both the Kandypens Galaxy and Gravity vape pen, we're pairing it up against Puffco's first coil-less wax pen, the PuffCo Plus. 

Last year's model, the PuffCo Pro, had very little choice against the SOURCE orb 3 Premium Kit, with 1 single coil atomizer against 7 atomizers, including 2 double coil and 1 coil-less atomizer. 

How does the new model fare?

SOURCE orb 4 vs. Puffco Plus

In our opinion, not very well. The new Puffco Plus features 2 units of their new coilless atomizer with the same ceramic heater found in the Kandypens Gravity and our new Quartz SOURCE terra 2, which works great, but that's it. 

SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit meanwhile comes with 6 atomizers, which includes 2 coil-less and 3 double coil atomizers. This gives users an incredible amount of options and freedom, as our loyal customers have consistently praised our Quartz Double Coils, delivering huge hits, that makes them our #1 selling atomizer. And our new USA-tested Grade 1 Titanium coils, deliver the best flavor from a coiled atomizer. 

And of course, for a revolutionary coil-less option, the included new Grade 2 Titanium SOURCE nail offers flavor and efficiency miles ahead of competitors, with a removable bucket for easy clean up. 

Quality, replacement atomizer prices, and full compatability with our SOURCE nail Portable eNail (which no other vape pen offers!) makes this a no-brainer. 

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