SOURCE terra v. SOURCE orb + ceramic double coil

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SOURCE terra v. SOURCE orb + ceramic double coil

In this article, we're comparing the SOURCE orb vape pen + ceramic double coil titanium atomizer against the new SOURCE terra atomizers. SOURCE terra offers awesome flavor; however, many still prefer the double coil.


First lets take a look at the difference between their construction:


Here we have the SOURCE terra:



In the picture, the terra is fitted onto a SOURCE micro globe attachment. The construction is full ceramic, meaning no materials are going to be vaped off of a coil.



Here we have the SOURCE orb + ceramic double coil:



As you can see, the coils are wrapped around the ceramic rods, and materials are vaped by heated up titanium coils.



How does each hit differ?


SOURCE orb + ceramic double coil hits harder at a higher temperature, resulting in a harsher and more effective hit. The double coil also has additional airflow due to its construction, and this results in a more "instant" hit.


SOURCE terra hits are softer and turn your SOURCE orb into the ultimate low temp, full flavor vape pen. It should be noted that SOURCE terra should be heated up without hitting for 3-4 seconds, as it takes longer to heat up than the double coil titanium. It is recommended to run SOURCE terra at 4.5-4.8V.



What is better for which type of concentrate?


We had our staff try both atomizers on the 4 typical consistencies that are found with essential oils, and these were their picks:


For firmer essential oils: SOURCE terra

For gooier, more viscous essential oils: SOURCE orb + ceramic double coil 

For crumbly essential oil waxes: Tie

For fluid-like essential oils: SOURCE terra


It's hard to say that one atomizer is better than another, but the SOURCE terra seemed to win out just slightly due to its ability to maximize flavor. This may have to do more with tolerance as well, since the double coil is similar to an "on the go" dab rig as far as strength.


To Sum it Up........


The SOURCE terra offers an amazing flavor at a low temperature, but it does not rip as hard as the SOURCE orb + ceramic double coil. The double coil keeps its title as the dab rig for use on the go, while the SOURCE terra offers true wax connoisseurs a flavorful, low temp experience.

Find something you like better in each atomizer? Something we could improve on in your experience?

Shoot us an email at At SOURCEvapes, customer feedback is always appreciated to make the best vaping experience possible.