SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut Atomizer: Proper Use, Care, and Maintenance

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SOURCE terra Ceramic Donut Atomizer: Proper Use, Care, and Maintenance

The SOURCE terra by SOURCEvapes has revolutionized  vaping on the go. Compatible on both the SOURCE orb and SOURCE globe and offering a no-coil, full ceramic atomizer, the SOURCE terra is how we prefer to Experience True Taste. Here we will go through the proper usage and care of your SOURCE terra atomizers.


SOURCE terra is meant to be a low temp vape. Since it is not outputting as much heat, it is recommended to load less materials onto the terra than a SOURCE double coil wickless atomizer. There is no hole at the bottom of terra, so all your material will be vapor until it is done. Certain thick materials may have difficulty on SOURCE terra, and the SOURCE double coil wickless may be the appropriate application. SOURCE terra is intended mostly for high end vaping materials.

Setting Your Battery

Once your essential oils are loaded, your SOURCE orb or SOURCE globe is re-attached, and you are ready to hit it, so turn your SOURCE vapes battery between 4.5 and 4.7 Volts. SOURCE terra will not work on non-variable batteries and we cannot guarantee compatibility with non-SOURCE batteries. However, our testing has show that it is compatible with most variable voltage ecig batteries that are capable of handling 4.5-4.7 Volts. It is recommending to not have your SOURCE terra set above 4.8 Volts.

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After the battery is set, you are ready to hit it. Hold down the battery button for 3-4 seconds before inhaling. It will take that time to heat up the SOURCE terra for the first hit. Hit lightly and savor the flavor. SOURCE terra is not intended for a harsh heavy hit. If you are looking for that, check out our SOURCE double coil ceramic atomizers.

SOURCE terra in action!

Cleaning and Care

Your SOURCE terra atomizers may last for several months, depending on usage. It is, however, recommended that users change them often to Experience True Taste. If you wish to clean your SOURCE terra, it is recommended to clean it out with your dab tool. Some customers have soaked them in isopropyl alcohol overnight. The effectiveness of this method depends on the materials used.



If you have questions regarding your SOURCE terra atomizer, please contact us via our Live Chat feature, by emailing, or calling us at 1.855.710.8700.

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