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SOURCEvapes Happy Holidays Vaporizer Gift Guide

Are you looking for a portable vape pen this holiday season? From big to small and smooth to powerful, SOURCEvapes has just the vape pen for you to make your holiday shiny and bright!
SOURCEvapes happy holidays vape pen gift guide
Vapes to the world!
Experience why the SOURCE orb 3 proves to be the vape critic's favorite vape pen of 2015. Buy one for yourself and for someone you love.
SOURCE orb 3 wax vape pen
Deck the halls with huge, milky clouds!
That's right, the SOURCE orb XL holds 1g of material and is the purest hit with titanium triple coil atomizers. Spread the joy!
Triple Coil Titanium Atomizer for SOURCE orb XL
SOURCE orb color is coming to town!
Express yourself with the coolest vaporizer pen attachment. Stuff a stocking with the gift of flavor and double Quartz coils. 
All I want for Christmas is an herbal blend vape pen!
The SOURCE ghost portable vaporizer pen will have your house smelling like vapes all year round.
SOURCE ghost
SOURCE ghost
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