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Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Right For Me?

Really, really soon, you'll start receiving the SOURCE orb XL portable vaporizer pen. It holds 1g of your favorite materials, comes with revolutionary G1 titanium triple coil quartz atomizers, and has a sub-ohm battery. 

SOURCE orb XL Sub-Ohm Vaping

SOURCE orb XL Grade 1 titanium atomizers require sub-ohm batteries due to their low resistance. 

In the past, sub-ohming might have been a controversial topic. However, all of SOURCEvapes sub-ohm batteries are regulated with a chip and won't engage if the resistance is not possible.


Let's take a little self-quiz to determine if sub-ohm vaping is right for you.

1. Do you like to fully taste everything when you vape?

2. Do you enjoy really big vape clouds?

3. Are you able to use the provided G1 atomizers with the SOURCE orb XL sub-ohm battery?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then sub-ohm vaping is right for you!


SOURCE orb XL G1 Titanium Triple Quartz Coil for Sub-Ohm Vaping

What is an ohm? 

An ohm is a standard measurement of electrical resistance.


What does sub-ohm mean?

Sub-ohm refers to a lower resistance - under 1 ohm - that results in faster heating.


Why use a sub-ohm battery? 

It can produce more vapor because the atomizer heats up faster than those with the standard resistance rating.


Why were people concerned with the safety of sub-ohm?

If someone were to try to make their own vaporizer and mixed and matched parts - this could result in a dangerous situation where the battery and the atomizer were not compatible. But don't worry, our stuff is all synced up. 


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