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Dabbing For The First Time: The Basics

Dabbing For The First Time: The Basics

Dabbing has become more popular as a stronger and more efficient way to relax. With new items out on the market, the efficiency has increased and you can be on the go, no matter what kind of essential oil you're using. Stronger essential oils paired with an eNail or vape pen are becoming a go-to for many.

What Is Dabbing?


Dabbing is the act of consuming essential oils. Dabs are another term for concentrate versions of essential oils. Dabbing can be done by a dab rig, eNail, vape pen, or with other methods.

Ways To Dab

To learn how to dab, you are going to need a way to dab. The ways to dab in order of simplicity are: vape pens, eRigs, and dab rigs.

What Are Dab Rigs?
dab rig

Dab rigs, also referred to as oil rigs, are still the most common method for dabbing. A standard dab rig consists of a nail, typically made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic, that is set in the body of the dab rig. A butane torch is used to light up the nail. Then the essential oil concentrates are loaded onto the hot nail using a dabber. Most often a glass dome is also used to make sure no vapor seeps out into the air. Desktop dab rigs do not need to be powered by a torched nail, and a plugin eNail can also be used and attached to the rig where the torch nail would have been. Using an eNail or vape pen is a safer and easier way to dab then dealing with a torched nail. Portable eNails may also be referred to as portable dab rigs or portable eRigs as well.

eNails For Dabs: Safer and Easier Than Torched Nails

portable eNail

eNails come in two types: desktop eNails that plug into the wall, which work with a dab rig and portable eNails, often called eRigs. Desktop eNails are typically titanium and simply replace the regular nail on the dab rig. They are heated through electricity rather than through the butane touch. Not only is this safer; this allows for temperature control, letting you take rough hits or low temp dabs.

A portable eNail, like the SOURCE nail, combines the technology of vape pens and desktop eNails to bring you a true dab rig on the go. Most use coil-less atomizers, the most common versions being titanium, ceramic, and quartz. These offer a smoother hit than the coiled atomizers found on most vaporizer pens. Since the batteries that power the eRigs are more powerful than standard eCig batteries, you can still get a hard rip by turning up the wattage or having it set to the hottest setting.

Vape Pens Are The Easiest Way To Dab

vape pen

So far, vape pens are the easiest way to dab because all you have to do is load, power on, press the button, and puff. High capacity vape pens, such as those of the SOURCE orb XL line, can hold quite a bit of essential oil concentrate for on the go use. Vape pens have become a favorite among people who still want to vape essential oils on the go. 

Vape pens can offer a range of hits depending on the type of vape atomizer used. The most common, pioneered by SOURCEvapes, is the quartz double coil atomizer. This atomizer features coils wrapped around quartz rods and in a quartz cup. Depending on the maker, you will have varying levels of quality used in the coil material. SOURCEvapes uses USA-Tested grade 1 titanium, the purest titanium available in all its SOURCE orb 4 series coiled atomizers. New on the scene are coil-less atomizers, such as the SOURCE orb 4 series titanium, ceramic, and quartz. Coil-less atomizers, while not always delivering as hard of a hit as coiled atomizers, do delver the best in flavor and do make low temp dabs much easier.

Have Fun, But Follow These Tips for Safe Dabbing

First and obviously, do not touch a hot nail or atomizer. You may get burned by an atomizer, and you for sure will get burned by a torch. If using a conventional dab rig, make sure you are using a high quality torch and do not touch the hot end of the torch either.

Make sure to stay hydrated. The effects of dabbing are concentrated just like the essential oil concentrates are so much more powerful. You might not notice how dehydrated you are, especially in warm weather.

Start with a small dab. You might see people on YouTube taking monster dabs, but they have a long built up tolerance. On your first time you will not have good tolerance. For some people, dabs altogether are too strong. Definitely do not dab and drive, or operate heavy machinery. Make sure when you dab you do not have to go anywhere for a while. You might get stuck on the couch.


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