Dab Atomizer Tanks: Information About An Easy Way To Hit Concentrates

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Dab Atomizer Tanks: Information About An Easy Way To Hit Concentrates

Dab atomizer tanks are devices that are attached to a dab pen battery for use with concentrates. Here we go through what makes these a great option, as well as the differences between them.

The basics are the same on almost all dab atomizer tanks: hook it up, load up concentrate over the atomizer, and go. The differences are things like variable airflow or standard airflow and the types of atomizers they come with.

Variable Airflow vs Standard Airflow on Dab Atomizer Tanks

Variable airflow dab pens like the SOURCE orb XL 2 allow adjustment of airflow coming in. The result is the ability to take harder hits, more airy hits, or more concentrated smaller hits. These types of dab atomizer tanks let you customize your experience.

variable airflow dab atomizer tank

Standard airflow dab pens like the SOURCE 10cig generally cost less. There are less moving parts and some users may find little benefit from variable airflow.

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Coil Types: Inside The Tank

Dab atomizer tanks will typically come with an atomizer as well. It will be coiled or coilless. Coiled atomizers give a higher temperature, big rip. The ultimate coiled atomizer is SOURCE's quad coil atomizer. The highest end coilless atomizer for dab pens currently available would be using a SOURCE nail coilless atomizer and pairing it with a Made In USA Eternal Quartz vape pen bowl. For more information on the difference between coiled and coilless atomizers, check out our post on coil vs. coiled atomizers.

Another difference you will find between coils is sizes. Larger atomizers like the SOURCE XL and XXL series can carry more concentrate for on the go. They also heat up and use more too. Some users might prefer a smaller setup like the SOURCE orb 4.

Choosing The Best Dab Atomizer Tanks For Concentrates

There are lot of options when it comes to dabbing. SOURCEvapes makes the highest quality dab atomizer tanks in the industry. Check out our collection here