SOURCE 10cig Vape Pen Instructional Guide

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SOURCE 10cig Vape Pen Instructional Guide

What is the difference between SOURCE 10cig and Pro?

It’s all in the coils. The SOURCE 10cig v6 atomizers use Titanium alloy coils, while the SOURCE 10cig Pro atomizers use Grade 1 Titanium coils. Both have high tensile strength even at extremely high temperatures, but Grade 1 Titanium contains lower oxygen and is the most pliable and softest titanium alloy. If you’re looking for a cheap but quality alternative to your vape pen, the SOURCE 10cig is the way to go. 

The SOURCE 10cig comes with the following:
● 1x SOURCE 10cig Attachment
● 1x SOURCE 10cig Battery (280mAh / 3 Temps)
● 2x 10cig atomizers
● 1x 510 Travel Charger
● 1x Travel Tool

How to use the SOURCE 10cig v6 and SOURCE 10cig Pro
The SOURCE 10cig is basically a plug-and-play device, perfect for first-time users on a budget, while still providing options to optimize your vaping experience.

When you first get your kit, make sure you check the battery to see if it is charged. To do this, twist the battery into the travel charger and plug the travel charger into a USB charger or computer. 

Charger Light Indicators when plugged:
RED = Charging
GREEN = Full Charge

Battery Light Indicators when plugged:
BLUE = Charging
OFF = Full Charge

Full Charge: 2 - 3 hours

Once you’ve fully charged the battery, connect the SOURCE 10cig atomizer of your choice to your battery.
Place about 0.2mg to 0.3mg of wax or concentrate in your atomizer, right over your coil. 
Replace the Attachment of your SOURCE 10cig.
Click the power button five (5) times in rapid succession to turn on or unlock your battery and choose your desired temperature setting.
Click the button three (3) times sequentially to change temp settings:

RED LIGHT (LOW) - 3.4v

Remember to keep your settings within recommended ranges to avoid burning out your atomizers too soon:
10cig v6 Quartz Single Coil: 2.7v - 4.2v
10cig v6 Black Ceramic Single Coil: 2.7v - 4.2v
10cig v6 White Ceramic Single Coil: 3.2v - 3.9V
10cig Pro Quartz Single Coil: 3.2v - 3.9V
10cig Pro Black Ceramic Single Coil: 3.2v - 3.9V
10cig Pro White Ceramic Single Coil: 3.2v - 3.9V
10cig Pro Terra Disc Coilless - Ceramic Plate: 3.2v - 4.2v

Once you’ve selected your desired temperature, press the button for 2 to 4 seconds to allow your material to heat up prior to inhaling. 
Place your lips on the mouthpiece of your SOURCE 10cig, then press and hold the power button.
Inhale softly, then release the power button and exhale.
Take a few more hits to finish any material left in the chamber.
Congratulations, you have just experienced true taste!

How to Clean your SOURCE 10cig v6 and SOURCE 10cig Pro

Frequent usage of your device can sometimes lead to wear and tear if not given proper maintenance. This is why in order to optimize or retain the quality of performance of your SOURCE 10cig and its atomizers, we recommend thorough and regular cleaning.


  • Before you start, make sure your battery is not active and locked. Then, remove your atomizer from the battery.
  • Submerge the atomizer in a container filled with 91% (or higher) isopropyl alcohol.
  • Shake the container softly for 3-5 minutes, then allow the atomizer to air dry completely. Using the atomizer while wet may also cause your atomizer to burn out faster due to the reaction of the alcohol to heat.
  • Once your atomizer has been cleaned, take a soft cloth and soak it lightly in 91% isopropyl alcohol. Gently scrub the SOURCE 10cig v6/Pro attachment to clean completely.


  • Make sure the battery has been completely turned off and not locked, then take a cotton swab or soft cloth and dip it in 91% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Check the inside of your battery connector for any debris or residue and gently swipe the cotton swab or cloth on the connection between your battery and atomizer.
  • Remember to keep the connection clean of sticky material as this can damage your battery once it dries and you connect the attachment or charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on 10cig and 10cig Pro?
10cig v6 and 10cig Pro atomizers, as well as 10cig v6 batteries, have a 30-day Warranty.

Does the 10cig battery work with pre-filled cartridges?
Yes, the 10cig battery works with most 510 threaded cartridges.

Can I use very liquid/runny material with 10cig atomizers?
Yes, make sure to use the Black Ceramic and drip right on the rod so it's absorbed. Be aware of leaking if more is filled than is absorbed by the rod.

Can I use 10cig atomizer with other batteries?
Yes, 10cig atomizers and attachment work with any 510 threaded batteries.

Can you use the SOURCE 10cig with 10cig Pro atomizers?
Yes, you can, SOURCE 10cig v6 and SOURCE 10cig Pro both use the same 10cig v6 battery. The good thing about the 10cig, is that similar to all SOURCE products, the atomizers are interchangeable, a great option for those who want to upgrade their coils.

What is the heat-up time for the SOURCE Terra Disc Coil-less atomizer?
Once your material has been placed inside the atomizer, press the power button and allow 5 to 7 seconds to heat up prior to inhaling.

I have the old version of the 10cig, the 10cig v5 Vape Pen. Can I use the newer v6 and Pro atomizers with it?
No, the 10cig v5 can only accommodate the old v4 and v5 atomizers.

Can I use series 4 and series 3 atomizers with the 10cig?
No, these are not compatible.

Can I use dry herb with my 10cig atomizers?
No, the 10cig atomizers are specifically designed for concentrated materials.

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