SOURCE ghost 2 Handheld Vaporizer How To Instructional Video

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SOURCE ghost 2 Handheld Vaporizer How To Instructional Video

The highly anticipated SOURCE ghost 2 handheld vaporizer is out now and in order to make using it easy. SOURCEvapes has release the below instructional video. Watch now and become an expert with your SOURCE ghost 2!


The steps are as follows:

1. Charging. Place the battery with the negative terminal on the spring. When the battery is properly placed into the charger, the light will turn red. Once the battery has fully charged, the light will change to green.

2. Battery Placement. Unscrew the cap of your SOURCE ghost 2's battery chamber. Inside the chamber is a magnetic safe guard tip to protect the battery. Magnetically attach the chip to the negative ( - ) terminal of the battery. Place your battery inside the chamber, inserting the positive ( + ) terminal first. Screw the back of the battery chamber back on clockwise.

3. Use Your SOURCE ghost 2. Remove the mouthpiece of your SOURCE ghost 2. Grind your herbal blend as finely as possible. Insert your finely ground herbs into the chamber. WE recommend filling to 70% capacity. Place the plastic mouthpiece back on your SOURCE ghost 2. Press the power button 3 sequentially times to turn on. When on, the power button light will turn red to indicated it is heating up. 

4. 3 Different Settings. Your SOURCE ghost 2 can change between three different heat settings. To change between setting, press and hold the power button for three seconds and the power button light will change to the color of its current temperature (White, Purple, or Blue). Once the desired temperature is reached and the color is solid green, inhale slowly and Experience True Taste.

SOURCE ghost 2 builds on the original SOURCE ghost to create a more powerful and flavorful vaping experience. Don't have one yet? Get your SOURCE ghost today!