SOURCE orb 4 m2 Signature Kit Instructional Guide

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SOURCE orb 4 m2 Signature Kit Instructional Guide

You ask, we answer. Introducing the new SOURCE orb 4 model 2, a follow up to one of our best-selling vaporizers and a complete upgrade over the original orb 4. Let's take a look at some of its features.

Upgraded Top Airflow - Better Taste & Bigger Hits
Better Taste - Includes Quartz & Titanium Bowls
New snug Pull-Top design
15-Second Auto-Run "Sesh Mode"
More accurate Temp Control (200°F - 900°F)
10 most popular 4 series atomizers

Overall, this premier vaporizer provides an ultimately different experience when it comes to vape.

10 x 4 Series atomizers
1 x SOURCE orb 4 510 attachment
1 x SOURCE volt Max m2 box mod
1 x SONY VTC4 2100mAh battery
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x Wall charger
1 x SOURCEvapes Briefcase
1 x Premium tool



How to: SOURCE Volt Max

Before you begin your vaping experience, it is important to first get to know how your box mod operates. The SOURCE volt Max is our best Temperature Control (TC) box mod, specifically designed for SOURCEvapes products, with an extended 15 seconds cut-off time, a temperature range from 200F - 900F, and a removable 18650 battery. This way, you can get an extra battery and never worry about running out.

Battery Safety

  • Do NOT use while charging.
  • Do NOT leave unattended while charging.
  • Do NOT charge longer than needed.
  • Do NOT use in extremely cold or hot temperatures.
  • Do NOT place near fire or water.
  • Do NOT open batteries or service them.
  • Store your batteries away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent overheating.

Removable Battery Safety

  • Take special caution with removable Li-ion batteries.
  • Mishandling can lead to explosion and damage
  • Do NOT let loose removable batteries come into contact with metal objects such as keys, loose change, or other batteries.
  • You could short-circuit the battery and cause an explosion.
  • Do NOT store loose removable batteries in a pocket, purse, back-pack or similar environments where they might touch metal.
  • Always keep removable batteries in their mod battery housing or in a secure plastic case.


  • Threading: 510 threading
  • Output wattage: 5W ~ 60W
  • Compatible resistance: 0.2ohm ~ 5.0ohm
  • Screen: OLED screen
  • Battery cell: 18650 Sony TVC4 included
  • Battery capacity: 2100mAh
  • Wall charger output voltage: 5V
  • Wall charger input voltage: 110~240V


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use your SOURCE volt Max.

Remove the Magnetic Cover in the back and insert the 18650 battery with the Positive + side Up.

To turn ON/OFF
Press the power button five times in rapid succession and you will see the screen come on.

To activate normally
Press the power button ONCE and hold, then take a hit. Let go of the power button to STOP.

Using the Auto-Run Sesh Mode
Press the power button 2 times quickly. Your vape will auto-run for 15 seconds and you can take successive hits while this is on. Press 2 times to stop the battery before 15 seconds.

Changing Wattage/Temp
Right button - to increase
Left Button - to decrease

Changing Power Modes
Press the power button 3 times quickly and you will see the Top Row blink. Use the Right button to cycle in this order:

  • TEMP
  • TCR

Press the Power button ONCE to select mode.

Changing MODE Settings
Press Left Button (when blinking) to cycle and select specific Mode settings.
Press the Right button on the setting that is blinking to change
Press the Power button to finish.

POWER mode (Wattage mode)
While blinking, press the LEFT button to cycle between User Info and Mode. The voltage will automatically match wattage used.

This mode uses the maximum voltage capacity inside the battery and is recommended for advanced users only. This mode can fry atomizers if used wrong.

While blinking, press the LEFT button to cycle through the following:
Ti - Titanium coils
SS316 - SS316 coils and Heaters
Ni - Ceramic heaters
Indicates how much wattage is used to reach set temp
Lock/Unlock Coil Resistance
Lock settings to the current coil resistance
User Info

TCR mode (advanced user customization)
When blinking, press LEFT button to cycle between:
TCR saved (M1, M2, M3)
Edit TCR
Power off your battery.
Press the POWER button and RIGHT button at the same time for 5 seconds to enter TCR Edit Menu.
Use the RIGHT and LEFT buttons to cycle between M1, M2, and M3.
Press the POWER button to select and edit TCR value.
Use the RIGHT and LEFT button to change the TCR value.
Indicates how much wattage is used to reach set temp
Lock/Unlock Coil Resistance
Lock settings to the current coil resistance
User Info
Cycle between:
Amp - battery output in use
Puff - how many uses
Time - how many seconds used
Reset User Info (Puff/Time)
Press and hold the POWER button while either is selected to reset.


How to: Temp Control

While blinking, press the LEFT button to cycle through the following: Temp Ti, Temp SS316, Temp Ni. 

Coiled (Titanium) atomizers
Setting: Ti (Titanium)
Accuracy: High (50F to 75F Lower)
Coil-less (Ceramic heater) atomizers
Setting: Ni (Nichrome)
Accuracy: Medium (100F - 150F higher)
Coil-less (Stainless Steel heater) atomizers
Setting: SS316 (Stainless Steel 316)
Accuracy: High (50F to 75F Lower)

How to: Charge

  • Unscrew your battery from the SOURCE orb 4 Attachment.
  • Plug your Micro USB cable to the front port of your SOURCE volt Max box mod. (Make sure it is dry and clean of any residue).
  • Plug your Micro USB charging cable into a wall charger.



Battery reads "Over 15s Protection"
- Battery only activates for 15 seconds at a time
- Fix: None. Let go of the button.
Battery reads "Weak Battery"
- Battery is running out
- Fix: Charge your battery
Battery reads: "Atomizer Short"
- Atomizer has a short circuit
- Fix: Atomizer may need cleaning or it may need to be replaced
Battery reads "Battery Low"
- Battery is almost out
- Fix: Charge your battery
Battery reads "No Atomizer"
- Battery doesn't recognize or read an atomizer
- Fix: Check connections or replace the atomizer
Battery reads "Atomizer Low"
- Atomizer resistance is too low to work
- Fix: Clean your connections or replace it
Battery reads "Protection" on Temp Control Mode
- The selected temp has been reached
- Fix: None, it is working, but you can adjust your temp if desired
Battery reads "Device too hot"
- Box mod is too hot and will shut down
- Fix: Allow it enough time to cool down



  • Screw your SOURCE orb 4 attachment to your SOURCE volt Max battery.
  • Remove the airflow chamber of your SOURCE Orb 4. If it is a bit hard to pull off, try gently wiggling the middle portion from side to side. Once removed, screw in a 4 Series atomizer to the base.
  • Fill your atomizer with the material. Fill 2/3 max, do not overfill as this may cause over-spill.
  • Replace the Airflow chamber and mouthpiece.
  • Twist the Variable Airflow System (VAS) to your preference.
  • Press the Power button, wait 3+ seconds, and inhale gently.

How to: Using Coil-less atomizers

SOURCE nail Atomizers

  • Remove the bucket by unscrewing the top Retainer Ring counter-clockwise. The bucket should come out easily.
  • Replace with an alternate bucket. Please refer to the guide below for buckets and their compatible heaters:

Quartz Bucket - Stainless Steel 316, Ceramic Donut
Ceramic BucketStainless Steel 316, Ceramic Donut
Silicon Carbide Bucket - Stainless Steel 316, Ceramic Donut
Titanium Bucket - Ceramic Donut, Ceramic Heater

SOURCE terra 2

If you use the Terra Core black ceramic cylinder, place material directly on top of the cylinder and run at low temp to melt and absorb it. Then, use a higher setting to vape.

You can easily remove the Terra Core by unscrewing the ring, then place any material to vape inside the sealed SOURCE terra 2 cup.


How to: Clean

To optimize the performance of your SOURCE orb 4 and its atomizers, we recommend cleaning thoroughly whenever needed.

Option 1: After every hit, use a dry cotton swab to clean any residue inside the bucket while the material is still warm and liquid.

Option 2: Soak the cotton swab in 91% isopropyl alcohol and clean the bucket. Use a dry swab to dry it up.

For thorough cleaning, remove the bucket, soak in alcohol and scrub any residue left over with a paper towel.

For Terra Core: Remove the Terra Core and soak in 91% isopropyl alcohol (will need to be replaced in time). Use a cotton swab to clean the SOURCE Terra 2 like you would clean the inside of a bucket atomizer.

Option 3: Make sure the battery is not active and locked. Unscrew the atomizer from the SOURCE orb 4 attachment. Submerge the atomizer a container with 91% isopropyl alcohol. Shake softly for 3-5 minutes, and allow to air dry completely.


Take apart your SOURCE orb 4 attachment completely.

With a cloth lightly soaked in 91% isopropyl alcohol, scrub the SOURCE orb 4 attachment pieces to clean completely.


Dip a cotton swab or cloth in 91% isopropyl alcohol, and clean the connection between the battery and the attachment regularly.

Keep this clean of sticky material, once it dries and it's connected to an attachment.


Tips & Tricks

* Uptemping is vaporizing your material from a lower temperature and slowly increasing it (instead of starting with a hot nail). This produces maximum flavor due to all compounds being vaporized at their respective vaporization levels as the temp rises. This also reduces waste by not burning your material, as unnecessarily high temps are not reached immediately. To do this, simply fill your atomizer first before you heat it up.

* Don't overfill your atomizer. This will cause more leaking and splashing and will take longer to vaporize. We recommend filling your atomizer with 0.3g of concentrate at a time.

* You get a better flavor with smaller doses.

* Clean your buckets with a cotton swab immediately after. Our atomizers are disposable items that are meant to be replaced every 4 to 6 weeks, cleaning them will allow you to reach the expected lifespan, sometimes longer.

* For better taste - use coil-less atomizers

* For BIG hits - use coiled atomizers (the more coils the bigger the hits)

* For runny material - use black ceramic atomizers. Coiled atomizers can leak a small amount of liquid our through the connection of the coils.


What atomizers work with the SOURCE Orb 4?
- 4 Series atomizers only.

What battery works with SOURCE Orb 4?
- 510 Threaded sub-ohm batteries can work with the orb 4.

Can I use dry herbs?

- We designed for use with concentrated materials, using dry material might make atomizers die quicker.

What SOURCE nail atomizers use SS316 heaters?

- Quartz, Ceramic, and SiC SOURCE Nail Max (10mm) atomizers.

Can I use any bucket (Ti, Quartz, etc.) with any SOURCE Nail atomizer?

- No. Quartz 10mm buckets are too big for the Titanium and Ceramic housings. Titanium buckets ONLY work with ceramic plate and donut heaters. They will short-circuit the SS316 heaters when used in Quartz/Ceramic? SiC Max, XL and XXL atomizers.

What kind of Titanium is used on coiled atomizers?

- Coiled atomizers use genuine Grade 1 Titanium coils, lab-tested in the USA.

My atomizer resistance changes during use, why?

- When the atomizer gets hot, the resistance will change. Once it cools it should go down. Coiled atomizers will have their resting resistance change with wear and tear through time. Make sure to also clean all connections of the atomizer regularly
. Dirty connections (ex. battery connection) will change the resistance being read. If the resistance is very high or low, the atomizer might need to be replaced.


Atomizers NOT making a connection (resistance reads 0.00 ohm)
- Remove the atomizer (while cold) and check the center pin on the atomizer to see if it has been pushed in. The pin is adjustable, when this is pushed in it sometimes fails to connect to the battery. Pull out the center pin halfway so that it makes a connection with the battery.
- Clean all contacts. Remove the atomizer (while cold) and clean the center pin, the connection with the orb and the battery pin using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Use a dry swab to dry the parts, and leave them to air dry completely.
- Atomizer needs to be replaced.

Battery not holding a charge
- Check the removable battery to see if it is installed correctly.
- Try charging box mod with battery inside for 2 to 3 hours, then remove. Check battery icon, it should indicate a full charge.
- Remove the battery and plug in box mod. Check for charging icon.
- Battery or box mod needs to be replaced.

Atomizers working with a different attachment but not on orb 4
- Adjust center pins on the atomizer.
- Clean orb attachment.
- Bottom orb needs to be replaced.


To download the PDF version of the manual, please click the link below:

SOURCE orb 4 m2 Signature Kit manual 

For further questions or inquiries, please send an email to