Uptemping - Why You Should Uptemp For Maximum Flavor

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Uptemping - Why You Should Uptemp For Maximum Flavor

Uptemp Hits - Uptemping is The New Way To Maximize Flavor

An uptemp is a procedure by which an electronic nail is started at a lower temperature and slowly is increased in temperature. This produces maximum flavor due to all compounds being vaporized at their respective vaporization levels as the temperature rises. It also reduces waste since the nail ends its run at a high temperature.

Uptemping is gaining a lot of traction from those trying to get the most flavor out of their hits. Rather than heating up your nail to a high heat that just burns away many of the organic compounds, you are essentially giving them a chance to vaporize through each material.

Now let's take a look at the devices you can use for uptemping.

Uptemping on an eNail

Today there are two types of eNails out desktop eNail setups and portable eRigs. However, the concept behind uptemping applies the same to both: slowly ramp up the heat and get better flavor out of your materials. On a full-size desktop e-Nail, you can easily do this by going up through its temperature range, and 425F is a good place to start. 

For this article, we will use the SOURCE nail XL Sig 2 Kit to discuss the uptemp procedure for this portable eRig. Uptemping on the SOURCE nail XL is extremely easy when using the SOURCE volt Max 60w box mod battery. The same concepts we will apply here would also apply to a desktop eNail.

SOURCE nail XL uptemping rig

Turn your battery on by pressing the button five (5) times. Make sure you are in Temperature Control mode. For the SOURCE volt Max, do the following to get it into Temperature Control mode:

  • Press the Power Button sequentially 3 times, the Top Mode row on the screen will begin to flash. 
  • Press the Right Option button to switch to your desired mode:
  • Select TEMP (Temperature Control)
    • When in TEMP, press the Left Option button to move to switch modes (Use Right Option to select):
      • Ni
      • Ti
      • SS316

SOURCE nail Max (10mm), SOURCE nail XL (13mm), and SOURCE nail XXL (15mm) in Quartz, Ceramic, and Silicon Carbide (sold separately) use Stainless Steel 303 for the wire inside of the heating element. 

SOURCE nail (10mm) in Titanium, Ceramic, and Quartz; & SOURCE nail Max (10mm), SOURCE nail XL (13mm), and SOURCE nail XXL (15mm) in Titanium use Nichrome for the wire inside of the ceramic heating element. 

The next steps are: 

  • Press the Power Button to select your desired Mode. 
  • Start at 350F and work your way up. 
  • Find your favorite temperature to Experience True Taste.

Go slow up in temperature and you will hit all the flavor profiles of the material you are vaporizing. Hits will be flavorful and smooth. The SOURCE nail XXL quartz atomizer featured below is an excellent choice for uptemping.

You can uptemp with a vape pen with SOURCE orb 4 or SOURCE orb XL 2, both of which also include the SOURCE volt Max box mod.

SOURCE nail XXL uptempting atomizer

Maximum Flavor With Uptemping  vs High Temperature

You may have heard mention of an "uptemp" or "stabilized uptemp" technique for electric nails that is designed to maximize flavor while limiting waste of your essential oils.

If you have not, or are not sure what this technique is, here's a brief overview: the flavors in your essential oil are due to a range of volatile organic compounds such as terpenes. Each one vaporizes at a slightly different temperature, and many are broken down or destroyed entirely if exposed to too much heat.

By starting at a low nail temperature that rises through the hit, each compound has the chance to vaporize before being destroyed, meaning more of your flavor is preserved. Because the hit ends at a high nail temperature, waste (such as pooling) is also reduced (compared to a hit entirely at low temperatures).

Hitting it at maximum temperature like on most standard rigs with a torch results in a burny flavor and more burning than vaping. Using quartz inserts on a standard desktop rig may assist with lowering temps. You can also use Quartz inserts in a Portable eNail with SOURCE nail XL or Quartz inserts in a Vape Pen with the SOURCE orb XL 2