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New SOURCE nail Portable eNail - Full Temp Control and Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium Nails

We first started the Double Coil Revolution when we introduced the SOURCE orb v1, the first Double Coil vape pen, then we changed vaporizer pens with our Quartz atomizers in SOURCE orb 3, and finally the best vape pen of 2016 with the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL, the "Strongest Vape Pen EVER" and only Triple Coil vape pen with a full 1 gram capacity.

Today, we follow our revolutionary trend with the new SOURCE nail, a portable eNail with temperature controlled by the user which is available as both a standalone attachment and as a complete kit.

SOURCE nail is the newest component of SOURCEvapesSOURCE orb ecosystem to completely revolutionize vape pens…yet again.

In development since November 2014, the SOURCE nail features coil-free atomizers that are completely smooth to vaporize. SOURCE nail is the first portable eNail to feature true temperature control with a 200°F-700°F range, giving users full control over the intensity of their hits.

It includes three atomizer styles: Grade 2 titanium (USA-tested), ceramic, and quartz. SOURCE nail includes both a SOURCE nail bubbler and a SOURCE nail globe, both of which are 510 threaded. It also works with all previous SOURCE orb 3 atomizers and SOURCE orb XL atomizers.

SOURCE nail is available as both a standalone attachment and as full kit featuring the new SOURCE volt 40w TC battery. Starting at only $99.95, the SOURCE nail attachment kit includes a SOURCE nail attachment, a SOURCE nail bubbler, a SOURCE nail globe, a SOURCE nail Grade 2 titanium atomizer, a SOURCE nail ceramic atomizer, and a SOURCE nail quartz atomizer. 

Starting today, SOURCE nail can be pre-ordered on Shipping will begin on May 16th. 

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