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Coilless Atomizers are the Next Big Thing for Vape Pens and Portable eRigs

The coil-less atomizer was first introduced as a sub-ohm only atomizer that featured a ceramic ring and came in only a single ceramic variation. Soon thereafter, we released the original SOURCE terra in 2014, the first coilless atomizer that could be used with most regular eGo batteries. 

Fast forward to 2016, after almost two years of research under the "SOURCE terra 2" project name, and SOURCEvapes has again revolutionized the vaporizer pen with SOURCE nail Portable eNail and Vape Pen. SOURCE nail is a one-of-a-kind coil-less atomizer, that is incredibly simple and easy to use, and can work as both an eRig and a wax pen. The innovative patent pending atomizers have no exposed coils; instead, they're simple cups that allow users to Experience True Taste. 

The new SOURCE nail coil-less atomizers have multiple improvements over traditional coil atomizers:

  • No more dripping, leaking, etc. of material unto the battery. Since it's just a cup with no coils for hole openings, the concentrate won't leak down.
  • No more losing material under coils or donuts, since the bottom of the cup heats up and begins vaporizing your material.
  • Easy and simple clean up. No more submerging full atomizers, worrying about gaskets, etc. Just simply unscrew the top, remove the cup, and soak. That's it, it's very simple.

And of course the best part of the SOURCE nail atomizers is that they are completely cross-compatible with our incredibly successful SOURCE orb XL, including the "Strongest Vape Pen EVER" the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL Triple Coil vape pen.

And another huge feature that separates SOURCE nail from other eRigs is capacity, since our 3 innovative atomizers boast a .5 gram capacity, just like our traditional coil SOURCE orb 3 atomizers (we always recommend filling to 70% capacity).

Now let's take a look at the variations for the SOURCE nail coilless atomizers:

 Grade 2 Titanium


The Grade 2 Titanium (Gr2) coil-less atomizer offers a highly variable hit using the same high quality titanium found in high end dab rigs. It's the 1st and only portable eNail or eRig to feature USA-tested Grade 2 titanium


quartz coilless atomizer

Our Quartz coil-less atomizer takes your portable dab rig to the next level. Smooth rips come off the quartz bowl, with the heat distributed evenly throughout the full quartz bowl. 


ceramic erig atomizer

An old favorite and the standard in vape pen atomizers, ceramic has been showing up in dab rigs as well in the last few years. This ceramic eRig atomizer produces a hit more moderate than the titanium version.

Selecting Your Favorite Coil-less Atomizer

This all comes down to preference. Our preference here at SOURCEvapes is the titanium coilless atomizer, due to the great rips you can get from it!


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