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The new SOURCE Orb is out!

The latest product from SOURCEvapes has been released to again revolutionize the market: the SOURCE Orb



What sets the SOURCE Orb apart from everything else?

  • Full stainless steel body, so it won’t break and crack as easy like flimsy glass globes. You’ll feel the quality, your table will crack before this ever will. 
  • The BEST airflow of any concentrate pen, with two air holes that provide unrivaled air flow, this is the closest you’ll ever get to a dab rig. 
  • Easy and affordable to replace atomizers. Replacement SOURCE Orb Atomizer 5-Packs  for ONLY $29.95. That means replacements are less than $6 each! The LOWEST PRICED replacements of any vaporizer pen.
  • Double the coil, double the power, double the fun! The SOURCE Orb is the ONLY double coiled vaporizer pen around. Seriously, the power on these things is unparalleled. 
  • Freedom to make choices: some people like wicks, some people don’t. So, why not let people choose? We offer both atomizers with ceramic rods and silica wicks
  • The titanium coils are here! Enough said. No one else offers both choices specially not TWO coils.
  • Large and in charge, these attachments can hold up to .5g concentrated material. 
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