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  • The new SOURCE Orb is out!

The new SOURCE Orb is out!

SOURCEvapes Team on

The latest product from SOURCEvapes has been released to again revolutionize the essential oils vaporizer market: the SOURCE Orb


What sets the SOURCE Orb apart from everything else?

  • Full stainless steel body, so it won’t break and crack as easy as flimsy glass globes. You’ll feel the quality. Your table will crack before this ever will. 
  • The BEST airflow of any essential oils pen, with two air holes that provide unrivaled air flow. This is the closest you’ll ever get to a dab rig. 
  • Easy and affordable to replace atomizers. Replacement SOURCE Orb Atomizer 5-Packs  for ONLY $29.95. That means replacements are less than $6 each! The LOWEST PRICED replacements of any vaporizer pen.
  • Double the coil, double the power, double the fun! The SOURCE Orb is the ONLY double coiled vaporizer pen around. Seriously, the power of these things is unparalleled. 
  • Freedom to make choices. Some people like wicks, some people don’t. So, why not let people choose? We offer both atomizers with ceramic rods and silica wicks
  • Enough said. No one else offers both choices; especially not TWO coils!
  • Large and in charge, these attachments can hold up to .5 grams of essential oils.