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Introducing SOURCE big rig: Powerful 2600mah Battery Pairs Perfectly with any SOURCEvapes Attachment or Kit

SOURCEvapes announces the SOURCE big rig battery. We responded to customer requests for a more powerful battery, and we went all the way. Packing 2600mah of power, the big rig packs 4x the power of the 650mah battery included in SOURCEvapes Premium and Starter Kits.

SOURCE big rig


The SOURCE big rig is ego threaded. This ensures compatibility across the SOURCE orb, SOURCE vaped stix, SOURCE globe, and SOURCE 10cig atomizers.


At just $29.95, it's a great deal. Add it onto your kit purchase or pair it with your choice of attachment.


The SOURCE big rig is specifically set to go to the maximum and minimum recommended settings for the entire SOURCEvapes line. The minimum voltage is set to 3.2V, with a maximum set to 4.8V.


You get 4x usage over your standard SOURCEvapes battery. Recommended for on the go users who need more power for heavier hits, with more time between charging.


The SOURCE big rig is currently offered in Chrome, Royal Gold, and Black Chrome.


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