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'2 Girls 1 Bong' Take SOURCE nail Portable eRig On the Go

High Rise TV is a popular YouTube channel featuring the show '2 Girls 1 Bong'. Recently, '2 Girls 1 Bong' documented one of their adventures in the woods with SOURCE nail portable eRig!


SOURCE nail review

2 Girls 1 Bong use SOURCE nail


We live in an age where everything is quickly advancing and improving, and vape pen technology is no exception. SOURCE nail is the latest eRig from SOURCEvapes to provide portable vapes on-the-go with an optional vape pen attachment. 


eRig & Vape Pen Experience All-in-One

SOURCE nail comes in a sleek designed, easy-to-carry case, so users can enjoy it anywhere! The bubbler attachment assembles and dissembles easily and quickly, so users no longer have to worry about the hassles of bringing a torch rig along for the ride. They can experience powerful hits with a bubbler and rig experience all-in-one when using the glass bubbler attachment.  



SOURCE nail Bubbler Attachment


"It comes with 2 different attachments. We forgot to bring the water with us [for the bubbler attachment]...

But we tried this one [glass globe attachment] before, and we absolutely loved this attachment, so we're going to use this one."

- 2 Girls 1 Bong


SOURCE nail also comes with a glass globe attachment for when users want to produce intense hits as powerful as an eRig, but with a vape pen. In this episode of '2 Girls 1 Bong', the girls dab with SOURCE nail's glass globe attachment. SOURCE nail's glass globe attachment is easily assembled and attached to the SOURCE volt Max battery. Those who are seeking a simple transportable vaping experience will be satisfied with the SOURCE nail, and they will appreciate its ability to convert from eRig to vape pen.


SOURCE nail glass globe vape pen attachment

SOURCE nail Glass Globe Attachment



Innovative & Evolving Atomizers

As vaporizers evolve and improve, atomizer quality is improving tenfold. SOURCE nail comes with 3 removable bucket coilless atomizers made with USA-tested grade 2 titanium, ceramic, and quartz. Coilless atomizers are the latest atomizers to hit the vaporizer market, and they not only allow for smoother, more flavorful, and better vape experiences, but they vaporize runny materials the fastest - without leakage! 


SOURCE nail coilless atomizers

SOURCE nail with coilless atomizers


SOURCE nail is compatible with XL Series and 4 Series atomizers, so if vapers want to try out their favorite double coiled atomizers, or the triple coiled atomizer, on this eRig, they can!


500°F Temperature Range

SOURCE nail is powered by the SOURCE volt Max temp control battery, which can heat up essential oils by using and adjusting its temperature or wattage settings. That's right - users have the option to vaporize using temperature or wattage!

SOURCE volt Max temp control battery has a temperature range of 200°F to 700°F and a wattage range of 5w to 70w, so both low temp and high temp vapers can experience rig dabs - minus the torch! 


2 Girls 1 Bong SOURCE nail


 Watch the shenanigans unfold for yourself when '2 Girls 1 Bong' dab with SOURCE nail:

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