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510 or eGo threading? What is the difference between them?

Threading that is around the outside of the battery connection is eGo threading.

Threading that is on the inside of the battery is 510 threading.

510 Threading and eGo Threading



eGo and 510 devices will generally fit on any eGo battery, since eGo batteries have both types of threading.

This does not apply for 510 batteries.

Many items will not fit 510 batteries that are eGo threaded, such as the SOURCE orb attachment. The SOURCE 10cig attachment however will fit a 510 threaded battery.

Adapters are also available to convert 510 batteries so they are able to handle eGo threaded devices. If you have a mod battery, this is usually required for your mod to be compatible with a SOURCE orb attachment.

You can use any 510 attachment on any eGo battery and you can use almost any eGo attachment on a 510 battery with a proper adapter. This does not take into consideration certain voltages that may be needed for certain attachments. For example, SOURCE terra requires at least 4.5 Volts to work properly, and many batteries are 3.7 Volts max. So make sure your battery matches up in both threading and volts!

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