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SOURCEvapes Launches New Award-Winning SOURCE orb 3

SOURCEvapes has introduced it’s latest award-winning portable vaporizer, the new SOURCE orb 3. SOURCEvapes’ flagship vaporizer completely re-imagines the vaporizer that conceived the original Double Coil Revolution. The new SOURCE orb 3 incorporates three (3) new revolutionary Quartz atomizers, 20% larger redesigned atomizer bowls, and the brand-new SOURCE orb slim.

The SOURCE orb 3 is the only vaporizer that allows users to Experience True Taste. After months of research and customer feedback, SOURCEvapes has designed three new Quartz Atomizers. These atomizers are the first and only to use Quartz instead of traditional ceramic. These new atomizers will be available in Single Coil, Double Coil, and SOURCE terra. The clean nature of Quartz crystals allows users to get a clean smooth flavorful hit every time.

SOURCE orb 3 atomizers have also been redesigned to get rid of all unnecessary components and provide a larger more efficient atomizer bowl. The new SOURCE orb 3 atomizers are now 20% deeper and have twice the capactity as the v2 atomizers. In addition, the new SOURCE orb slim is a thinner version of the revolutionary SOURCE orb. The SOURCE orb slim comes with a new revolutionary adjustable airflow system and is one third slimmer compared to its original sibling, SOURCE orb. The SOURCE orb 3 also comes with a SOURCEvapes adjustable voltage battery with 8 different voltage settings to choose from.

The new SOURCE orb 3 will also feature a collaboration with fashion-centric brand The Crystal Cult, with two Exclusive Limited Edition colors: Rainbow Dreams and CultPink. With over 125,000 followers on social media and appearances in High Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Live! with Michael and Kelly, The Crystal Cult has become a leading fashion brand.

The SOURCE orb 3 products are Now Available For Pre-Order, with preorders starting on June 20th, including the all-new SOURCE orb 3 Signature Kit. The new high-end model will include 8 different SOURCE orb 3 atomizers, including all 3 Quartz atomizers, as well as 3 different SOURCEvapes attachments, including SOURCE orb 3, the new SOURCE orb slim, and new SOURCE globe 4 for only $129.95. Also available will be the new SOURCE orb slim Travel Kit, only $49.95, and SOURCE orb 3 XL Travel Kit, only $74.95.

SOURCEvapes first revolutionized vaporizer pens when it released the first SOURCE orb in March 2014, named #7 in High Times 2015 Vape Pen Guide, starting the Double Coil Revolution. Then, in November 2014 the SOURCE orb v2 introduced SOURCE terra, a low temperature ceramic heater, and expanded to 7 different atomizer options.


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