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The SOURCE orb slim and New Travel Kits

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A Slimmer Lighter Profile

With the release of our new SOURCE orb 3, we've also release a product that our customers have been requesting for months: SOURCE orb slim.

SOURCE orb has been an absolutely amazing hit. Our original SOURCE orb v1.5 placed 7th on High Times Magazine's 2015 Vape Pen Guide, but some customers have expressed wanting a smaller slimmer attachment that still offers the experience of our SOURCE orb.

Outdated Skillets and No Airflow

Our SOURCE vaped stix products (On Sale Now), which are being replaced by SOURCE orb slim, offered a smaller option; however, they couldn't compare to the SOURCE orb. Skillet atomizer replacements like those used by SOURCE vaped stix are larger and heavier with no added benefit. Their airflow is restricted, and most importantly, SOURCE vaped stix could not use the SOURCE orb ecosystem and its atomizers the same way with our SOURCE globe and SOURCE bubbler lines. This meant that in order for us to offer the freedom of options we offer with SOURCE orb, including SOURCE terra, we'd need to duplicate all atomizers as skillets. And then we'd still be left with the other major flaws.

We created and tested SOURCE terra models of our SOURCE vaped stix products, but the airflow was horrible and tight, which would lead to inhaling harder; therefore, lowering the temperature inside the chamber, and producing less visible vapor. Users became frustrated and reported having a negative experience overall. So then, we built a solution. 


SOURCE orb slim uses a redesigned SOURCE globe base with a thin metal enclosure to protect the atomizer and offer discretion when using in public. This model was much lighter, easier to use, and more safe than a glass globe. Then we added the exceptional airflow of its larger sibling, with a revolutionary addition: a variable airflow system. 


We like to improve upon our products, even in their early stages, so adding a variable airflow system would allow our users the freedom to Experience True Taste they way they love to. After we developed this, we then implemented it and engineered an upgraded version of our new SOURCE globe 4 and SOURCE bubbler 3 (as well the rest of the SOURCE bubbler line).


The Perfect Travel Partner

Along with requesting slimmer options, customers also wanted a straightforward kit that included only our most popular atomizers that would be easy to travel around with, whether around town, running errands, going to a music festival, or going across the country. With this in mind, and with our new attachment, we released our SOURCE orb slim Travel Kit (Only $49.95) and SOURCE orb 3 XL Travel Kit (Only $74.95).

Both Travel Kits come with our two most popular atomizers, our new Quartz Double Coil and Quartz SOURCE terra, and our SOURCE orb Variable Voltage Battery. The SOURCE orb slim Travel Kit comes with only the new attachment inside an elegant travel case measuring 5in x 2.75in, while the SOURCE orb 3 XL Travel Kit includes both the SOURCE orb slim and the SOURCE orb 3 attachments, inside a larger case measuring 5.75in x 3.25in.

All of these products, as well as the rest of the SOURCE orb 3 line, will begin shipping these next few weeks and are already available for Pre-Order. One thing to remember is SOURCE orb v2 atomizers work on these new products, so you can get some on sale and use them on your new SOURCE orb slim