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  • A First Look at SOURCE orb 3: Larger Atomizers and More Efficiency

A First Look at SOURCE orb 3: Larger Atomizers and More Efficiency

SOURCEvapes Team on
A First Look at SOURCE orb 3: Larger Atomizers and More Efficiency

The new SOURCE orb 3's redesigned atomizers (which are compatible with previous SOURCE orb and SOURCE globe models) promise to deliver a completely new way to Experience True Taste.

Do they? 

Yes, they do. 

That's a video of the new Quartz Double Coil atomizer with some essential oil wax, and as you can see you fit quite a bit in there. That's because these atomizers are 20% larger than the previous SOURCE orb v2 atomizers (which are currently on sale for 20% off).

SOURCE orb 3 is bigger and better compared to SOURCE orb 2

The atomizer on the left is our previous SOURCE orb v2, while our larger SOURCE orb 3 is on the right. Not only that, after customer feedback, we've also reduced the amount of material, widened the cups (both ceramic and quartz), and added a funnel. 

ceramic double coil

These are our Ceramic Double Coil atomizers (formerly Wickless Double Coil), and you can notice we've removed the steel mesh, as well as the funnel. 


Lastly, in this picture we can compare the first generation of SOURCE terra and the new third generation Quartz SOURCE terra. Below the ceramic donut on the SOURCE orb v2 you can also see how there used to be a hole in the middle, which lead to essential oil dripping down towards the battery. We've fixed this in the new SOURCE orb 3 atomizer design, by creating two 1mm holes on the sides of the ceramic or quartz cups, rather than one hole in the bottom.

All of our products (SOURCE orbSOURCE orb slim, SOURCE globe, and SOURCE bubbler) compare with SOURCE orb 3 atomizers and all previous models (except for SOURCE orb v1) work with these upgraded atomizers. 

Remember to use coupon code REUP to get 15% off your order. 

SOURCE orb 3 products began shipping today, July 10th, and all orders will be shipped by July 24th at the very latest. 

And to finish it off, here's another video of our SOURCE orb 3 Quartz SOURCE terra atomizer with some essential oil. 

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