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  • Pros and Cons: Quartz vs. Ceramic Vape Pen Atomizers

Pros and Cons: Quartz vs. Ceramic Vape Pen Atomizers

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Pros and Cons: Quartz vs. Ceramic Vape Pen Atomizers

SOURCEvapes in 2016 introduced the original SOURCE orb quartz single, double coil and terra atomizers. Many customers wanted to understand the benefit of quartz over ceramic, and whether there is still any benefit to using ceramic atomizers now that quartz is here. 

Quartz Atomizer Benefits

The SOURCE orb quartz atomizers were quartz rods and quartz cups with a wrapped coil. For coiled atomizers, a full quartz bucket with quartz rods will result in a more efficient hit on your wax pen. The quartz bowl creates a more efficient environment for your materials to recirculate resulting in maximum efficiency.

Then you get to SOURCE nail quartz. These are coilless atomizers that hit straight from a bucket, giving you maximimum oil efficiency. 

SOURCE coiled atomizers are designed with low placed coils and high placed airflow, to ensure you are not wasting material. In the SOURCE orb quartz coiled atomizers, the materials that fall off the quartz rods after being vaporized flow back to the center of the quartz bowl, and are thus re-used by the atomizer again. This creates a beneficial almost no waste scenario.

SOURCE orb quartz double coil atomizer on SOURCE orb 3
Photo: SOURCE orb double coil quartz atomizer on SOURCE orb 3 attachment


Ceramic Atomizer Benefits

The real benefit with ceramic vape pen atomizers is that when you have less than perfect  material, most of the remaining material gets stuck around the ceramic bowl. This can then be scraped off and used as you like. You may not want to re-vaporize material after their first run through the coils, as these may have higher impurities which you do not want to taste.

Ceramic may be more ideal than quartz for these types of material. They also are lower cost than quartz, as ceramic is less expensive to produce than quartz. As vaporizer material qualities improve, ceramic will likely lose its use over time.

 SOURCE 10cig atomizer
Photo: SOURCE 10cig atomizer with ceramic rod and cup


Downside of Ceramic Cup Atomizers

The main downside of ceramic cup vaporizer pen atomizers is that material can stick all around the bowl.


Harder Hits From Quartz Rods

Another noticeable difference between the quartz and ceramic atomizers is that the quartz will get hotter than the ceramic, and you can even still hit the quartz for a second after your battery is off. The higher heat put off by the quartz results in a harder hit. You can counteract this by just running a lower voltage on your battery with the quartz atomizer, to achieve a similar heat effect of the ceramic atomizers.


Low Temp Quartz Dabs

SOURCE quartz terra offers both the benefits of the no waste quartz bowl, with the low temp flavor of SOURCE terra by way of its ceramic ring heating element. This results in efficient and flavorful results. These atomizers are recommended to be run above 4.5 Volts, or they will not get enough power for a proper drag. This option has become a favorite among many avid SOURCEvapes customers. Recommended by many as the best tasting atomizer currently available anywhere.


SOURCE orb quartz terra atomizer as shown on SOURCE orb slim
Photo: SOURCE orb terra quartz atomizer as shown on SOURCE orb slim attachment


Your Dab. Your Choice

At SOURCEvapes, we are always striving to give our customers the best and most up-to-date options. Due to material variations and customer preference, we allow you, the customer, to choose which five pack of atomizers is best for you. Please see our updated review that will guide you on how to select your best atomizer type here.


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