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Why Use Grade 1 Titanium for Vapes?

SOURCEvapes Team on
Why Use Grade 1 Titanium for Vapes?

Did you know that our SOURCE orb XL portable vaporizer and SOURCE orb 3 atomizers are the only vape pen atomizers constructed with Grade 1 Titanium?  

People in the dab world have mixed opinions on which grade of titanium is best – Grade 1 or Grade 2? Vape experts say that G1 Titanium is allowed to contain .5% of impure materials, while G2 Titanium is allowed up to .8%. We advocate to Experience True Taste with the highest grade of titanium. We prefer Grade 1 Titanium in our nails and vape products.

See our analysis results from an independent lab:

Grade 1 Titanium report for SOURCEvapes dabbing tools

G1 Titanium is widely regarded as the best for dabs because it heats up quicker with less oxidation. You’ll be using your G1 Titanium dabbing tools for a long, long time. Purity and durability is why we use G1 Titanium.

Want to see the SOURCE orb XL's G1 Titanium atomizer in action?