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SOURCEvapes and Flosstradamus: The 411 on 808s and 710

SOURCEvapes is high on this partnership with Flosstradamus to bring fans the new FLOSSTRADAMUS SOURCE orb XL – the best vape pen ever!

Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL - the best vape pen ever

Together, two DJs named J2K and Autobot (aka Josh Young and Curt Cameruci) created the musical duo Flosstradamus.

Flosstradamus revolutionized Trap music by mixing signature Trap music drums, known as 808s, and the synthesized musical sounds of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in the remix of Major Lazer's Original Don, while introducing the infamous Trap sample “Damn, son! Where’d you find this?”.

As producers of EDM, Flosstradamus widened the fan base of Trap while bringing attention to its roots. “Trap” is used to describe the darker hip hop lyrics that rap about mind altering substances and associated lifestyles.  The current Trap genre, infused with EDM traits and the 808 drum samples, is known as “EDM Trap” and also “Festival Trap.”

Flosstradamus performed on stage at countless colleges and music festivals, produced EDM and Trap hits for well-known artists, has an impressive discography of tracks, made television appearances, and collaborated across genres.

Their affinity for weed is apparent on many of their tracks such as Stoner, Lighters Up, Roll Up, Where Dat Dank, Too Turnt Up, and Smoke 1.

Get all kinds of turnt up with the new FLOSSTRADAMUS SOURCE orb XL - 710 Vape Pen!

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