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Why is the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL Vape Pen the Best of 2016?

Vape critics and users alike agree that the Flosstradamus SOURCE orb XL vaporizer pen is the Best of 2016. With monster hits of huge clouds, this wax atomizer vape will blow you away!


Here's the top 5 reasons why this wax vape is the Best Vape Pen of 2016:

1. The Quartz Triple Coil Atomizer.

It's the ONLY atomizer to use triple coils around the quartz heating element to bring you the fullest flavor of your essential oils. 

2. It holds up to 1 gram of your essential oils.

For real! Your puff, puff, pass will last way longer. Keep it going all day.

3. It's all about the Grade 1 Titanium.

Proven by independent USA laboratory tests, the grade 1 titanium is a safe way to vape. Taste your essential oils - not metal!

4. The battery is up to 8 volts of power.

You decide the temperature and intensity of the heat for your preferred vape experience.

5. The variable air flow system.

Designate how to #ExperienceTrueTaste with the air flow of your choice


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