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A Historical Feat with SOURCE nail Portable eRig

Leafly and VaporNation name SOURCE nail portable eRig as part of the evolution of vaping.


source nail portable e-Nail

SOURCE nail: The Future of Portable eRigs

Toking has come a long way since its accidental discovery 5,000 years ago. When we look at the intricacy and effectiveness of our glass pipes and hand-held vaporizers today, it's hard to believe that people used to consume herbs and other plants by burning their seeds!


Medicating has endured imperialism in the New World, the Prohibition Era, 1960's counterculture, medicinal research, and legalization. Throughout history, vaping has transformed, and vaping from a portable vaporizer is the easiest, cleanest, quickest, and most effective way.


Vape pens vaporize at high temperatures in order to generate vapor, and prior to the creation of portable vaporizers, people who wanted to vape were confined to wherever they could connect their vaporizer box into a power outlet.  Portable eRigs are a combination of vape pens and desktop e-Nails. They offer a larger hit than vape pens but are more portable than desktop dab rigs because they operate on a battery and do not need to be plugged in to use. Portable eRigs also use glass water attachments to filter the vapor.




Our SOURCE nail portable eRig allows people to vape from anywhere, and even makes vaping the oiliest of essential waxes possible. Users can choose which temperature to burn their essential oils, which then has an effect on vapor production.


"The SOURCE nail utilizes a 40W TC mod battery with a glass bubbler and globe attachments to deliver the intensity of a dab rig session in a unit that fits in your pocket. It also features precision temperature control, so users can zero in on a thermal sweet spot." 
- Leafly

A Portable Dab Rig That Can Be Taken - Anywhere!

A portable vaporizer like the SOURCE nail makes for convenient vaping, and our users love using the SOURCE nail not only at home, but on the go. For cleaner and more convenient dabbing that won't drain your supply of essential oil, try the SOURCE nail portable vaporizer.




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