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  • American Quartz For Vape Pens: The Next Level In Concentrate Vaping

American Quartz For Vape Pens: The Next Level In Concentrate Vaping

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American Quartz For Vape Pens: The Next Level In Concentrate Vaping

American quartz vape pen buckets are now available. How do these stack up against their Chinese counterparts? Here we run down the benefits of having made in USA quartz in your vape pen.

Made In USA Quartz Vape Pens: Next Level Concentrate Vaping

american quartz vape pen buckets

Taking your wax pen experience another step higher, American made quartz buckets have upped the game. Smoother, cleaner hits with less charring, 

American vs Chinese Quartz

Chinese quartz is the standard for any wax pen related atomizer technology. Quartz first showed up in double coil atomizers because it allowed the concentrate to pool to the bottom rather than stick on the sides like ceramic atomizers. Now quartz is used in coilless vape pens like the SOURCE orb 4 that use an impenetrable bucket.

chinese quartz atomizer

The Chinese quartz buckets shown above are not bad by any means, but take a look at the Made in USA vape pen buckets by Eternal Quartz below. The sizes shown are 10mm, 13mm, and 15mm.

Take a look below though and see the shine coming off those American quartz buckets. It's noticeably different than the standard Chinese version. This glossier surface helps with cleaning which is discussed below.

american vape pen atomizers


USA Made Quartz Bangers: The Inspiration Behind American Vape Pen Buckets

For quartz bangers, Chinese and American have come to represent different quality standards.

chinese quartz banger

American made bangers are known for having a smoother gloss and finish than their Chinese counterparts. The result is a slightly smoother hit and better taste, that might not be noticeable noticeable to the casual user.

American Made Vape Pen Buckets Offer Cleaner, Better Hit

The new standard in high end wax pens is here. SOURCEvapes is the first to introduce Made in USA quartz buckets that fit on your wax pen.

made in usa vape pen atomizer

The result is just as we expected when comparing bangers: a smooth, flavorful hit that is a step above any other vape pen.

Easy Clean Up: Less Charring

Made in USA vape pen buckets benefit from a lack of charring. It takes a lot more use for American made quartz to char. The smoother finish and higher quality materials result in a vape pen that wipes clean the reclaim without a left over charring residue or taste. 

The Best Vape Pen Choice Is Easy: SOURCEvapes with Made in USA Buckets

SOURCEvapes has collaborated with Eternal Quartz, Cryptic Culture, and FadeSpace to bring you high end American made quartz vape pen buckets in sizes that will fit across the SOURCEvapes line. The buckets come in the SOURCE 4 series size of 10mm, the SOURCE XL series size of 13mm, and SOURCE XXL series size of 15mm.

New collaborations will be featured soon as well. Be sure to check our Accessories section for the latest made in USA quartz buckets for wax pens.