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Atomizers: Titanium vs. Ceramic vs. Quartz

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Atomizers traditionally vaporize  by heating up a set of coils, but SOURCEvapes has created a brand of coilless atomizers that have enhanced the quality of dabs.

Essentially, an atomizer is the most important part of a vape pen because it not only vaporizes, but determines the flavor and intensity of the vapor. Atomizers are typically made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic, and each material produces distinguishable qualities that cater to a variety of vaping preferences. 

Understanding the differences between the different vape pen atomizers may be confusing, but we've broken down the differences and made it easier for users to choose atomizers based on their style of vaping... 


Titanium Atomizers: The Future of Better & More Durable Dabs

A titanium atomizer can come in multiple variations. The two most common types are a coiled atomizer, where coils are wrapped around either ceramic or quartz rods, or a coilless titanium atomizer, which is heated from underneath.

A coiled titanium atomizer typically heats and vaporizes essential oil very quickly!  Coiled atomizers get hotter faster, and generally reach higher overall temperatures then their coilless counterparts.


Triple Coil Grade 1 Titanium Atomizer

Triple Coil Grade 1 Titanium Atomizer


Our recently updated coiled atomizers are made with USA-Tested Grade 1 titanium. As far as we know, here at SOURCEvapes, we're the only vape pen company that has coiled atomizers made with Grade 1 titanium. We've also innovated the coilless atomizer and made ours with Grade 2 titanium. Titanium alloy is another type of titanium that's commonly used in vape pen atomizers. Grade 1 Titanium, Grade 2 Titanium, and Titanium Alloy can all withstand extremely hot temperatures. Grade 1 and Grade 2 are known for producing better taste.


Ceramic Atomizer: That In Between Hit

Many coiled atomizers are traditionally made with ceramic. Almost all early vape pen atomizers contained a ceramic cup and coils wrapped over wicks. That then changed to the coils still being in the ceramic cup but wrapped over ceramic rods instead of an eCig wick. There are also variations, like the picture below, of atomizers that feature titanium coils wrapped around black ceramic rods. Coiled ceramic atomizers are known for making big hits, but most users now prefer quartz bowls and rods rather than ceramic for coiled atomizers, as it's more efficient. In ceramic coiled atomizers, some material sticks to the sides of the cup and the quartz option has become more efficient for coiled atomizers.

The second favorite atomizer type among coiled atomizers for most users is the black ceramic style, which is featured below. Black ceramic atomizers absorb wax into the porous ceramic, which is then slowly released onto the coils as its vaped.


Double Coil Black Ceramic Atomizer for SOURCE orb 4 Vape Pen


A ceramic atomizer is the best atomizer anyone can use if they're using lower quality material. A ceramic atomizer is perfect for using lower quality material because it helps preserve more of it after cleaning. For using higher quality essential oils, ceramic atomizers are not as recommended as using a titanium atomizer, for example. 

Our ceramic atomizers here at SOURCEvapes come in black and white ceramic. 


Quartz Atomizer: Faster, Tastier, & Harder Vape Hits

In comparison to titanium and ceramic atomizers, the quartz atomizer heats up and vaporizes the fastest. Because of its fast heat up time, the quartz atomizer is perfect for users who want the hardest hits in the shortest amount of time. Both coilless and coiled quartz atomizers tend to heat up faster than their ceramic counterparts. It's also known that a quartz atomizer is great for low temperature hits, and that essential oils taste best when vaporized with a quartz atomizer.


Coilless Quartz Atomizer

Coilless Quartz Atomizer


Here at SOURCEvapes, we feature coiled and coilless quartz atomizers. Though a quartz atomizer is breakable and doesn't retain heat as well as its titanium or ceramic counterparts, it's an atomizer that produces delicious hits that hit hard at the lowest and highest of temperatures!


The Verdict:

Depending on one's vaping preferences, the titanium atomizer, quartz atomizer, and ceramic atomizer each have their own benefits. Whether a dabber is using a coiled or coilless atomizer, the material of the atomizer will have a major effect on the quality of the dab. At SOURCEvapes, the staff favorites are coilless titanium and coilless quartz.

Dabs vaped at low temperatures using a quartz atomizer taste great, but dabbers can also expect the fastest heat up time with quartz atomizers.

A titanium atomizer is ideal for heavy dabbers who use vape pens multiple times per day. It's durable and vaporizes fast!

Ceramic atomizers offer that in-between strength hit that a lot of users are looking for.

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