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  • Cheap Dab Pen That Works With Wax and Prefilled Oil Cartridges

Cheap Dab Pen That Works With Wax and Prefilled Oil Cartridges

SOURCEvapes Team on
Cheap Dab Pen That Works With Wax and Prefilled Oil Cartridges

SOURCE 10cig is a cheap dab pen with versatility. Coming in at $10, it is the cheapest dab pen kit on the market. Here we will go through what makes up this ultra-affordable vape.

Battery Set For Dabs and Prefill Cartridges

This cheap dab pen has two uses. Load up the two included atomizers with your favorite wax or throw on your favorite prefilled oil cartridge and get to vaping. The SOURCE 10cig battery has three heat settings to get the right hit of wax and pull out more from your prefilled oil cartridge.

Three Heat Settings: Not Your Average Cheap Dab Pen

The battery has three easy to change heat settings. You get a range of hits: smooth, medium, and hard. Battery settings on the SOURCE 10cig are set to be compatible with 510 threaded pre-fill vape cartridges. Now you can have some range of power on your cartridges without popping the atomizer. 

Three Atomizer Types - Customize Your Vaping 

SOURCE 10cig comes with two coiled atomizers included: quartz and black ceramic. Additionally available are coilless ceramic atomizers that use a ceramic plate heating element. These deliver low temp hits for maximum flavor.

Quartz and Ceramic Coiled Atomizers - No Solder

Two atomizers come with the cheapest dab pen around: SOURCE 10cig is a cheap dab pen at $9.95, but it is not cheap on quality.

black ceramic atomizer

You get both quartz and ceramic, two of the most popular types of atomizers out today. The atomizers are also solder-free. This ensures clean tasting hits using a quality titanium alloy for the coils. 


Not the same quality you will see in other cheap dab pens and better than many more expensive options out there.

Coilless Ceramic Plate Atomizer - Low Temps, Smooth Hits

When you are looking for low temp hits on a cheap dab pen, SOURCE 10cig has you covered. The coilless ceramic plate atomizer is a high-quality atomizer that delivers on flavor.

cheap dab pen coilless atomizer

These atomizers are not included with the 10cig but can be added for just $22.95 for a three pack. A reasonable price, adding versatility to this cheap dab pen.

10cig Continues To Be The Best Cheap Dab Pen

Overall, SOURCE 10cig is the beast cheap dab pen on the market. With two included atomizers built at a higher quality than some vapes costing 10x as much, the winner is clear. Add the ability to upgrade to coilless atomizers and compatibility with all 510 threaded prefilled cartridges, and you have one versatile vape. Check out the SOURCE 10cig product page to get yours now!