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Introducing: SOURCE slim 3 & SOURCE slim 4

Some of you may have recently noticed some changes on our online store here at SOURCEvapes. We've renamed a few of our products in order to make navigating and shopping on the online store an easier and less confusing process.

While we've introduced the 3, 4, and XL Series,

We're also introducing a new name for the SOURCE orb Slim, and it's now...


SOURCE slim 3!


As we close out 2016, we're also bringing you the newest generation of ultra-portable and powerful dabs with...


SOURCE slim 4!


SOURCE slim 3

Introducing: SOURCE slim 3


SOURCE slim 3

When we created 3 Series, we thought dab lovers would want a smaller version of their SOURCE orb 3 vape pen that still packed favorite the same powerful and flavorful hits. And we did just that with the SOURCE orb Slim vape pen. 


SOURCE slim 3


Now that we're calling it the SOURCE slim 3, we want you to remember that you can still expect the same high quality experience with the same versatile and portable vape pen. Not much has changed - other than the fact that shopping on our online store, from here on out, will be an easier process as dab lovers from coast-to-coast shop for high quality vaporizer products.

With SOURCE slim 3, you can expect the same 5 setting variable airflow system, the quartz double coil atomizer, the quartz SOURCE terra coilless atomizer, the temperature/wattage battery, the eGo charger, and the dabbing tool, all in the same sleek design travel case!


Product Compatibility

So how does this new name change make shopping at SOURCEvapes an easier and less confusing process? 

Our vaporizer products are cross-compatible, and by introducing the 3, 4, and XL Series, as well as the SOURCE slim 3 and SOURCE slim 4, our customers will be able to understand which products are compatible with one another. 


3 Series

3 Series


SOURCE slim 3 is part of the 3 Series. This means that if you've been rocking the SOURCE orb 3 vape pen, you can use its atomizers on the SOURCE slim 3, as well. 


4 Series

4 Series


So how about the SOURCE orb 4 atomizers on the SOURCE slim 4? You got it! SOURCE slim 4 is part of the 4 Series; so if you've been loving your SOURCE orb 4 vape pen, you're gonna love being able to use the same coiled and coilless atomizers on the smaller version with SOURCE slim 4!


Introducing: SOURCE slim 4

SOURCE slim 4

SOURCE slim 4


Now in the 4 Series, users can expect the same powerful dabs of the SOURCE orb 4 on a smaller, more portable frame with the SOURCE slim 4!

Made with 303 stainless steel (the healthiest material ever used on vaporizers), SOURCE slim 4 features a built-in silicone container. At less than 5 inches, this vape pen packs the same power as SOURCE orb 4. 

SOURCE slim 4 features the powerful USA-tested grade 1 titanium quartz double coiled atomizer for big rips, as well as the SOURCE nail quartz coilless atomizer. And since SOURCE slim 4 is part of the 4 Series, feel free to use your favorite SOURCE orb 4 atomizer on this bad boy. 


With the SOURCE slim 3 & 4,

you can still expect to #ExperienceTrueTaste




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