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Introducing: XL Series

We've grouped the SOURCE orb XL and SOURCE nail 
into one family, now known as...




XL Series!

XL Series
XL Series


Why the XL Series?

By grouping the SOURCE orb XL and SOURCE nail portable eRig into the XL Series, our customers can have a better understanding of which atomizers and vape devices are compatible with one another.





The XL Series not only works with the SOURCE orb XL and SOURCE nail, but with the 4 Series, as well.

This means that users can mix and match their 4 Series atomizers with XL Series devices (SOURCE nail portable eRig & SOURCE orb XL vape pen).



So if you've been vaping with your black ceramic double coil atomizer on your SOURCE orb 4, and want to experience similar dabs on your SOURCE nail portable eRig, you can! All you have to do is switch the atomizer onto the SOURCE nail. It's that simple!

All 9 of the Series 4 atomizers work on the SOURCE orb XL!

Feel like vaping with a coilless atomizer? No problem. Try any of the 3 SOURCE nail coilless atomizers on the SOURCE orb 4 or SOURCE orb XL vape pens!



Stay Tuned!

While there are only 2 atomizers that are exclusive to the XL Series, users can expect more to be released soon! For now, users can enjoy vaping with any XL Series double coiled atomizers and SOURCE orb XL grade 1 titanium triple coil atomizer that holds up to 1 gram of material!

Stay tuned for more XL Series atomizers to come! 





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