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Jenny WakeandBake Goes on a Hike with SOURCE orb 4 Coil-Less Vape Pen

Jenny WakeandBake hits up the forest with friends, and they fuel up using the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen along the way. 



SOURCE orb 4 Magnetic Lock

In the video, we watch how easy it is to reload the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen. Since its release earlier in 2016, it's been called the best vape pen on the market, and its magnetic lock very well has something to do with its positive reviews. 


The magnetic lock on the SOURCE orb 4 coilless vape pen is durable enough so the pieces don't come apart, but it's easy enough to pull off, reload, and re-attach to the 40w temp control battery




We see in the video how easy it is for Jenny WakeandBake's friend, silencedhippie, to reload the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen. In fact, she does so while holding a camera!


No table or flat surface needed when reloading the SOURCE orb 4 vape pen! It's perfect for taking on a hike through the woods, and you'll have a great time because of it, too.



Other SOURCE orb 4 Goodies

Jenny WakeandBake and her friends are smoking from the SOURCE orb 4 signature kit vape pen. It's made with 303 stainless steel. Its parts include the SOURCE orb 4 attachment and the volt 40w temp control battery. With the powerful 40w battery, users can choose the intensity and flavor of their hits by raising and lowering temperatures with a 500°F range!



SOURCE orb 4 vape pen comes with 8 different atomizers that are also made with 303 stainless steel. Its coiled atomizers are also made with grade 1 titanium, and feature 3 doubled coils in quartz, white ceramic, and black ceramic. This revolutionary vape pen also comes with 4 coilless atomizers in grade 2 titanium, quartz, and ceramic. 


Between the temp control battery and 8 varying atomizers, users control the intensity of their hits and enjoy their vaping how they prefer to! 


"SOURCEvapes for the win, everytime."

- Jenny WakeandBake


We had fun watching Jenny WakeandBake hike through the woods with her friends, and we enjoyed watching them use our SOURCE orb 4 coil-less vape pen along the way!
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