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  • Meet 2 New Coil-Less Atomizers: Quartz Plus and SOURCE terra 2

Meet 2 New Coil-Less Atomizers: Quartz Plus and SOURCE terra 2

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Meet 2 New Coil-Less Atomizers: Quartz Plus and SOURCE terra 2

SOURCEvapes is proud to introduce our 2 newest coil-less atomizers for vape pens: Quartz Plus and SOURCE terra 2. Both developed and available exclusively from SOURCEvapes, each atomizer has its own unique benefits, and we will go through the differences here.

Quartz Plus

Low temp, coil-less dabs, without the need for a box mod battery. Introducing our 4th coil-less atomizer, the Quartz Plus atomizer. They are compatible with SOURCE orb 4 premium kit batteries as well as some variable voltage batteries that are capable of powering sub ohm atomizers. It does require some sub-ohm power, but not nearly as much as is needed in our other coil-less atomizers, such as SOURCE terra 2 and the Ceramic SOURCE nail atomizers. 

Quartz Plus atomizers feature a flat ceramic plate at the bottom as the heating element, enclosed in a quartz housing, to ensure your materials slide down the walls to the bottom and are not wasted.


Quartz Plus coil-less atomizer on SOURCE orb 4

Quartz Plus is compatible with most of our vape pen attachments, including our top rated portable eRig, SOURCE nail, when paired with the right battery. Please note, this does not work on standard eCig batteries and please see our Quartz Plus information page for specific compatibility details before purchasing.

Quartz Plus is included in our SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit and our SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit, and you can also purchase a 3-pack of atomizers

SOURCE terra 2

Building on the groundbreaking SOURCE terra, our first coil-less atomizer that featured a ceramic disc heating element. In its second generation, and our 5th coil-less atomizer, it now features no disc. Your materials are dissolved in an All-Ceramic cup. 

SOURCE terra 2 coil-less atomizer on SOURCE orb 4.

The most important feature change on the SOURCE terra 2, and what distinguishes it from other coil-less atomizers, is that heat is distributed throughout the entire cup. This means essential oils stuck onto the sides of the cup will vaporize. This new way to vape is compatible with the SOURCE orb 4, SOURCE nail, and the entire SOURCE orb XL line. For battery compatibility, please see our SOURCE terra 2 information page.

SOURCE terra 2 is available exclusively in our SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kit and of course as a 3-pack of atomizers

Five Coil-Less Atomizers

SOURCEvapes now offers 5 coil-less atomizers offering 5 different ways to Experience True Taste. Quartz Plus and SOURCE terra 2 are available now.

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