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Most Popular 4 Series Atomizers - April 2018

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Most Popular 4 Series Atomizers - April 2018

April was a busy month! We celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary (ICYMI our Top 5 SOURCEvapes Innovations in our first 5 years) and announced of our new collaboration with Eternal Quartz for the 1st USA Quartz buckets for Vape Pens & Portable eNails.

What were the Top 5 April 4 Series atomizers? Coilless atomizers dominated.

4 Series atomizers Most Popular April 2018

After dominating the #1 spot all of 2018, including last Top 5 in March, the SOURCE nail Max (10mm) - Quartz has been knocked down to the 4th spot, basically switching spots with SOURCE terra 2, last month's 4th place. This is the first time this year that quartz bucket atomizers don't dominate the #1 spot, and it happened with both 4 Series and XL Series atomizers in April!

The #2 and #5 spot were won by the Quartz and Titanium SOURCE nail (10mm) atomizers, respectively. They rounded out an impressive 4 out of 5 spots for coilless atomizers. 

The only coiled atomizer this month that surged in sales was the new Triple Coil - Black Ceramic atomizer. 

It seems April was either Low Temp or Huge Rips!

What YOUR Choice?

Let us know in the comments!

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