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Most Popular 4 Series Atomizers - May 2018

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Most Popular 4 Series Atomizers - May 2018

We're now in full summer swing, and it's time to find out the Most Popular 4 Series atomizers in May 2018. 

Who won this time around? Quartz is back on top.

SOURCE orb slim 4 series atomizers most popular May 2018

After losing the #1 spot for the first time in 2018 last month, the Quartz coilless atomizer reclaims its title with the SOURCE nail Max (10mm) - Quartz model. The version 1 of the coilless Quartz atomizer, SOURCE nail (10mm) - Quartz, dropped 3 spots to #5.

Double Coil atomizers made a comeback and knocked out the Triple Coil and SOURCE terra 2 atomizers. The Quartz and Black Ceramic double coils took the #2 and #3 spot respectively. 

Finally, the Titanium coilless SOURCE nail (10mm) - Titanium atomizer is up one spot to #4 from May. 

What's YOUR Choice?

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