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New XL Series atomizers: Quad Coil, SOURCE core, & SOURCE nail XXL

Experience True Taste

We released the 1st Double Coil vape pen with the 1st SOURCE orb in 2014.

We released the 1st Quartz coils with SOURCE orb 3 in 2015.

And we released the 1st Triple Coil vape pen with SOURCE orb XL at the end of 2016. 

We're doing it again. 

Today we're happy to announce new XL Series atomizers

New XL Series atomizers Black Ceramic Quad Coil SOURCE core ALL Ceramic coil less SOURCE nail XXL eNail eRig SOURCE orb XL SOURCE nail XL SOURCEvapes

Black Ceramic Quad Coil

New XL Series atomizers Black Ceramic Quad Coil SOURCE orb XL SOURCE nail XL

The new Black Ceramic Quad Coil is the ultimate Load-it-and-Go atomizer, with 4 porous Black Ceramic rods wrapped with USA Lab-Certified Grade 1 Titanium. You can easily load a large amount, which will absorb inside the ceramic, and you can either use a Low Temp setting for flavorful hits, or crank it up for huge clouds. Our Patent-Pending coil design excels in efficiency, with less loss than other coil designs. 

SOURCE core - All-Ceramic Coil-less

New XL Series atomizers SOURCE core All Ceramic Coil less SOURCE orb XL SOURCE nail XL

The new SOURCE core atomizer is perfect for liquids and those looking to preserve flavor. Unlike other similar atomizers, we've taken the same technology from our SOURCE terra atomizer line, and have made a full ceramic atomizer with no exposed coils touching any material. Other similar models have an exposed stainless steel coil that vaporizes the material inside.

SOURCE nail XXL - Titanium & Quartz

New XL Series atomizers SOURCE nail XXL Quartz SOURCE nail XL

New XL Series atomizers SOURCE nail XXL Titanium Grade 2 SOURCE nail XL

1 year after the release of SOURCE nail XL (renamed so it's easier to identify as an XL Series product), we're proud to release our new SOURCE nail XXL atomizers. 

These atomizers work Exclusively on SOURCE nail XL products, with the Largest Nails on any Portable eNail. Just like current 4 Series SOURCE nail atomizers, they feature a removable bucket, with a diameter of 15mm compared to the 10mm of 4 Series models. That's 50% larger, perfect for larger loads. 

These new XL Series atomizers will be available For Sale on June 30th, and work with all current SOURCE orb XL and SOURCE nail XL products. No need to buy a whole new model like with other companies, simply get the new atomizers, and you're set! 

Don't forget you can also use all 9 different 4 Series atomizers, for easy cross compatability between your favorite products. 

SOURCE nail XXL atomizers do not work with SOURCE orb XL products, require a battery with 30w+ of output, and work best with our Quartz Carb Cap. 

We're not done yet...

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