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SeuVo of Cannabis Daily Records writes on SOURCE vapes' Donation to Relief Efforts.

SeuVo of Cannabis Daily Rcord, a site dedicated to cannabis consumer news and information, recently wrote about how SOURCEvapes had raised $10,500 for Louisiana Floods Relief efforts. The company decided to donate 100 percent of all online sales profit for 2 weeks to the American Red Cross to help provide shelter and relief to the people in Louisiana that were affected by the flood.

SOURCE vapes is reputed to manufacture high quality vaporizer equipment since 2013. With an extensive product line consisting of concentrate vaporizers, herb vaporizers, and vaping accessories, SOURCE vapes has created the best in the vaping world. The products are known give users an ecstatic vaping experience, provide them with a sophisticated sensory journey; transporting, relaxing and enveloping users in experiencing true taste.

The SOURCE orb series are known to have more accessories than any other vape pens and come with an ultramodern design. The all new SOURCE orb 4 comes with the new redesigned SOURCE orb 4 atomizers, with coiled atomizers made of USA-Tested Grade 1 Titanium, and a coil-less atomizer made with USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium.

SOURCE nail kits come with a 40w box mod battery, a water bubbler, glass globe vape pen attachmentquartz carb cap dabber, solid metal carrying case, and three SOURCE nail coil-less atomizers. The atomizers come in quartzceramic, and USA-Tested Grade 2 Titanium, that will allow to decide your suitable hit.

Products are made using the finest materials to ensure quality taste and at unbeatable prices. With SOURCE vapes products, you also enjoy hassle-free warranty.  Check out SOURCEvapes vape pen products at

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